Do You Ever Wish You Could Just Keep Up With Your Reading

Do You Ever Wish You Could Just Keep Up With Your Reading

How many times have you looked at​ your stack of​ reading materials, and felt overwhelmed? Most of​ us are bombarded with more and more written information every day- magazines, reports, e-books, newspapers, professional studies- it​ seems to​ never stop.

All this information has made becoming a​ speed-reader a​ necessity for those who want to​ stay on top of​ their profession. Reading faster and increasing comprehension has become a​ mandatory time management technique.

Evelyn Wood developed speed-reading, in​ 1959. Currently, there are a​ wide variety of​ classes and techniques available for anyone who wants to​ master this skill. There are classes, books, audio programs, and computer programs to​ suit any learning style.

Here are five quick steps you can use right now to​ increase your reading speed and comprehension:

1.Prepare to​ read- set aside some time in​ a​ distraction-free environment. Find a​ comfortable spot, and check your focus. if​ you find you are having a​ hard time concentrating on what you are reading, close your eyes, and take a​ couple of​ deep breaths. if​ that doesn’t work, and you are still distracted, put off your reading for another time.

2.Overview the material- look at​ the titles and subtitles. Ask yourself,” Why am I reading this book? What can I learn from it?”

3.Preview- read the introduction, and the first sentence of​ each paragraph. Determine what the focus of​ the piece is, and what the key points are.

4.Read Actively-Underline the main points, mark any areas that are significant to​ you. Take note of​ anything that you don’t understand, as​ well as​ any topics you find for discussion.

5.Finally, relate what you are reading to​ what you already know. This will put everything in​ context for you, and help you remember more of​ what you read.

Speed-reading is​ a​ skill that is​ built up over time. if​ you begin to​ practice it, even for 15 minutes each day, you’ll see results quickly.

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