Do A Sporting Stag Do In Birmingham

Do A Sporting Stag Do In Birmingham

If you're planning a​ stag do in​ Birmingham, you'd almost have to​ include some sporting activities. After all, Sport England has awarded Birmingham the​ title National City of​ Sport. Situated just west of​ the​ center of​ England, this sporting city offers a​ wide range of​ stag do activities for​ the​ bachelor party that's looking for​ something a​ bit unique and​ a​ lot active.

While no one is​ suggesting that you leave off the​ traditional naughty doings that have been a​ part of​ the​ pre-wedding festivities since early Greek times, these days the​ stag do is​ more often a​ full-bodied stag weekend with activities planned for​ day and​ night. a​ Birmingham stag do gives your party the​ chance to​ take in​ a​ day at​ the​ races, compete in​ races of​ your own, bust a​ gut laughing at​ some of​ the​ finest comedy in​ the​ UK, and​ then get up in​ the​ morning to​ head out for​ a​ full day of​ off-road karting, paintball tournaments, quad biking or​ whitewater rafting.

If you're looking for​ a​ Birmingham stag do activity that will provide some unusual souvenirs for​ the​ lucky stag, how about an​ afternoon at​ the​ Birmingham greyhound track? in​ addition to​ giving him (and the​ rest of​ your lot) a​ chance to​ pad your pockets before a​ night out with the​ lovely strippers, you can name a​ race to​ commemorate his last hurrah. By making arrangements in​ advance through a​ UK tour operator, your stag do can boast its very own greyhound race, complete with private box and​ bar, race cards printed with the​ name of​ your race and​ a​ photo of​ the​ cup for​ your race being presented to​ the​ winnner. That's a​ Birmingham stag do deal that's tough to​ beat and​ impossible to​ forget.

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