Do Speed Reading Programs Really Work

Do Speed Reading Programs Really Work

Speed reading programs are becoming more popular. Evelyn Wood discovered this technique, and​ introduced it​ to​ the​ public over 60 years ago. Since that time, many others have improved on her techniques, and​ several different speed reading programs are available today. With the​ massive amount of​ information we are required to​ process every day, developing the​ skill of​ speed reading has almost become a​ necessity.

Many speed reading programs help you to​ identify the​ bad reading habits that slow you down. the​ most common one is​ moving your lips when you read. This is​ something we all did when we first learned how to​ read, but now it​ holds us back from reading at​ optimum speeds. if​ this is​ one of​ your bad habits, try chewing gum when you read, or​ eating a​ piece of​ chewy candy. Placing your hand over your mouth when you read will also stop the​ problem.

There are many different types of​ speed reading programs, but they all work on the​ basic philosophy that your eyes can bring in​ information at​ a​ rapid rate and​ your brain will process this information as​ quickly as​ you can absorb it. This is​ why you also improve your reading comprehension as​ you learn to​ speed read.

There usually are speed reading programs offered at​ your local university, or​ college. Computer programs are also available to​ help you develop this skill. it​ is​ worth the​ time to​ investigate the​ different types of​ programs, as​ they differ in​ the​ level and​ skill set they teach. Some programs are simply reading improvement programs for​ poor readers, while others are true speed reading programs for​ people who already have good reading skills.

Most programs will begin by having you assess your own reading speed. From there they will show you how to​ read in​ groups, rather than single words. Some speed reading programs will show you how to​ skim pages to​ find the​ most relevant information. Others advocate reading the​ first and​ last paragraph of​ each chapter so you will be familiar with the​ information presented. All programs will help you eliminate the​ unnecessary words, so you will be able to​ quickly focus on the​ important ideas that are expressed in​ what you are reading.

If you want to​ start cutting down the​ time you spend reading emails, reviewing reports, and​ keeping up with your professional reading, then it​ is​ time to​ investigate the​ many programs available to​ help you master the​ skill of​ speed reading.

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