Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing saves thousands over replacing all the cabinetry. Doing the job yourself saves even more money. Labor is​ a​ significant percentage of​ the total cost of​ refacing. You could save up to​ half the price by saving on the labor costs. While it​ isn’t an​ easy task, it​ is​ possible for a​ skilled homeowner.

Do it​ Yourself or​ Hire a​ Pro?

This is​ a​ big job. You will need some skills and experience in​ home remodelling to​ tackle the job. it​ can be stressful, if​ you aren’t sure of​ yourself. Refacing isn’t a​ job that should be rushed. You need to​ have patience and the time to​ invest to​ do the job right.

Precise measurements are needed when attempting to​ give your home a​ makeover with cabinet refacing. Measuring is​ one of​ the most important parts of​ the job. it​ must be exact on the door openings, face frame and ends of​ the cabinets. Also accurate measurements are needed for the doors and drawer fronts. if​ you are off by even a​ little bit, the material won’t fit right.

Time should be taken to​ prepare all surfaces for refacing. You will need to​ remove all the cabinet drawers and drawer fronts. Clean all surfaces to​ remove dirt and grease. You will then need to​ roughen the surfaces to​ prepare them to​ hold the materials. This part of​ the job shouldn’t be rushed and steps shouldn’t be skipped.

If you don’t have the skills, time or​ patience, it’s best to​ hire a​ professional to​ do the job for you. Attempting a​ big job like this is​ very stressful. if​ you don’t take the time to​ do the job right, it​ could end up costing you more in​ the long run.

Tools for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing supplies are available on the internet. Many sites offer tutorials with step by step instructions and pictures to​ help you do the job. There are a​ variety of​ tools to​ help you do a​ professional job at​ home.

Pressure sensitive veneer is​ the easiest material for the do it​ yourself home handyman. This material is​ easy to​ use and has a​ paper backing that peels off. Line up the veneer to​ the surface and apply pressure to​ hold it​ in​ place. The surface will need to​ be prepared well before the veneer is​ applied. Solid wood veneer is​ the easiest to​ work with and is​ the best quality material for this job.

A veneer roller can be used to​ apply pressure to​ the material. These come in​ small and large sizes and give good pressure. The larger size covers more area. Always start at​ the center and roll outward. This removes air bubbles that can ruin the look of​ the veneer.

A smoothing blade can be used to​ press down firmly when attaching veneer. Start at​ the center and slide in​ the direction of​ the grain. Use both hands to​ give sufficient pressure. Repeat until firmly attached.

Edge band iron and edge trimmers are useful for finishing. The band iron is​ used to​ attach the band to​ the edge of​ the cabinet doors. a​ clothes iron can also be used for this job, but will be larger and more bulky to​ work with.

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