Do I Need Managed Web Hosting Or Shared Web Hosting

Do I Need Managed Web Hosting Or Shared Web Hosting

There are many different choices to​ make when it​ comes to​ selecting the​ best type of​ web hosting for​ your particular needs. Shared web hosting is​ by far the​ most popular type of​ web hosting, and​ is​ ideal for​ most websites. However, many websites, such as​ those with very high traffic or​ form whom security of​ sensitive information is​ of​ utmost concern, managed web hosting just might be a​ better choice.

Shared Web Hosting
For smaller websites, purchasing a​ server or​ paying to​ leasing a​ dedicated server would be an​ unnecessary and​ very significant expense. Shared web hosting is​ an​ inexpensive and​ effective web hosting solution for​ most smaller websites. This type of​ hosting is​ referred to​ as​ shared web hosting simply because multiple websites share space on a​ single web hosting server.

Web host servers are large and​ powerful, and​ have sufficient room and​ bandwidth capacity to​ host multiple websites with ease. When you select a​ shared web hosting option, you purchase a​ package from a​ web hosting company that includes a​ certain amount of​ space and​ bandwidth on the​ company’s server. This option allows website owners to​ enjoy the​ power of​ a​ powerful web hosting server without having to​ pay for​ more than is​ actually needed.

The number of​ other websites with which your site shares a​ web host depends on the​ size and​ bandwidth needs of​ each website along with the​ capacity of​ the​ server. as​ long as​ your shared web hosting agreement includes a​ sufficient amount of​ space and​ bandwidth for​ your needs, you don’t have to​ worry about running out of​ room in​ a​ shared environment.

If your website grows faster than you expect, and​ you do find that it​ is​ outgrowing your current hosting agreement. You can always negotiate with your web hosting company to​ add additional space and​ bandwidth capacity to​ your current shared hosting agreement. Another option is​ to​ step up to​ a​ higher level of​ web hosting, which could mean getting a​ dedicated server with managed web hosting.

Managed Web Hosting
Websites that deal with highly sensitive confidential information, as​ well as​ those who receive a​ great deal of​ traffic are more suited for​ a​ dedicated web hosting environment than for​ shared web hosting. With dedicated web hosting, your website does not share a​ server with other websites. One web hosting server is​ dedicated specifically to​ your website.

Most companies who need the​ capacity of​ a​ dedicated web host decide to​ go with a​ managed web hosting solution. This is​ because the​ actual management and​ administration of​ a​ dedicated host can be very time consuming. if​ a​ website owner selects an​ unmanaged hosting option, he or​ she becomes responsible for​ every aspect of​ maintaining the​ web hosting server. Managing a​ web host is​ very time consuming, and​ involves everything from day to​ day maintenance to​ security issues.

Those who operate large websites are typically busy with other activities, and​ it​ is​ worth setting up their web hosting agreement so that the​ hosting company handles most of​ the​ task associated with managing the​ dedicated host. Another option for​ managed web hosting is​ simply to​ contract with an​ outside organization to​ handle the​ duties associated with managing the​ web host server.

Making a​ Decision
If your website is​ large enough to​ need a​ dedicated web hosting, it​ is​ certainly in​ your best interest to​ go with managed hosting instead of​ unmanaged hosting unless you employ a​ server maintenance expert who has the​ time to​ handle the​ large task of​ maintaining your web server.

However, before making the​ decision to​ invest in​ managed hosting, it​ is​ in​ your best interest to​ see if​ shared web hosting will meet your needs. Shared web hosting is​ significantly less than dedicated hosting options. Remember that shared web hosting is​ sufficient for​ most websites, so don’t take on the​ expense of​ managed hosting if​ it​ is​ unnecessary.

Do I Need Managed Web Hosting Or Shared Web Hosting

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