Do I Need A College Degree

Do I Need A College Degree

“I don’t think I’ll go to​ college.” How many times have we heard that line in​ TV shows and movies? Countless. But if​ parents can afford sending their students to​ colleges or​ universities, they do. Statistics show that those who pursue further studies after high school are more successful in​ the real world.

Most companies hire potential employees who have college diplomas. if​ they come from Ivy League universities, the better. They know there are some applicants who may not have the same education as​ those of​ the Harvard and Princeton graduates yet possess street skills. They are also hired, as​ long as​ they have certificates from colleges or​ an​ associate degree.

That is​ the exact reason why people are finding ways to​ afford colleges. Parents are already saving up while their children are still young. They apply for trust funds and education plans.

Unfortunately, some parents can't afford colleges. There are those who aspire to​ step into a​ college or​ a​ university, thus they make it​ happen themselves. They are working students.

There are also men and women in​ their mid 30s or​ 40s attending night classes to​ get a​ diploma or​ certificate. They know that this piece of​ paper is​ crucial in​ the professional world. it​ will give them an​ edge when they apply for a​ certain positon in​ a​ big company.

There is​ a​ demand for higher education. Whether it​ be from a​ private college, public university, vocational institution or​ community college, as​ long as​ the student has the papers showing that he pursued further studies, a​ business establishment is​ more interested with his potential.

“Why do I need a​ college degree?” This is​ the question most high school students ask. This question is​ often answered by the fact that men and women who went to​ college or​ obtained an​ education similar to​ it​ (associate degrees, night school, online degree, college or​ state campuses) earn more money than a​ high school graduate.

Imagine this. One year of​ college already empowers the individual to​ cash in​ more money each year than a​ person who completed all four years of​ high school.

So if​ you are thinking of​ pursuing a​ career, you must already save up for the future. Colleges take up a​ whole lot of​ preparation. if​ you have parents who can cash you on with this plan then you are lucky.

If not but you are determined, start handing out your resume to​ part time opportunities now. It’s an​ investment worth taking for a​ better future.

Do I Need A College Degree

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