Do Homemade Web Designs Look Too Homemade

Do Homemade Web Designs Look Too Homemade

You have something to​ sell or​ a​ message to​ spread and​ you want a​ website. What should you do? Should you pay a​ lot of​ money to​ hire someone to​ do it​ for​ you? Or, should you learn the​ art of​ web design yourself. There are pros and​ cons to​ both sides of​ the​ fence.

The Do it​ Yourself Web Designer

If you do decide to​ learn building a​ website as​ a​ do it​ yourself project, you can save some money and​ gain some knowledge. Web design programs are out there that are boxed solutions that you can use to​ create your own brochure-ware type website or​ to​ even a​ robust online store. There are products that you can buy for​ cheap or​ on the​ higher end that can help you manage and​ create your website. You could even go with an​ open source platform like OS Commerce. Those with a​ bit of​ a​ technical aptitude might find the​ process interesting and​ fun.

The downside to​ this is​ that many of​ these web design software products either are too advanced for​ the​ novice user or​ are too simple and​ not advanced enough for​ the​ purpose you want it​ for. You could find that you are frustrated easily by the​ technical aspects of​ the​ software being above your comfort level or​ could find that the​ web design software doesn’t have all the​ bells and​ whistles that you were hoping for.

A word of​ caution: Don’t bother signing up for​ a​ free community website that’s hosted by someone else. the​ publishing on the​ website might be super simple but no one is​ going to​ take you seriously if​ you have a​ free website and​ are trying to​ promote a​ business on a​ professional level. a​ simple and​ hosted point and​ click website is​ ok for​ playing around but not for​ a​ professional business.

Hiring a​ Pro Web Designer

Hiring a​ web design company can be a​ great way to​ get a​ professional looking website and​ even your own online store. the​ downside here is​ that some of​ these sites charge a​ lot of​ money and​ when you’re a​ beginner web entrepreneur you might not have that kind of​ cash floating around. if​ you want professional results but don’t want to​ pay a​ fortune, you might choose to​ look for​ a​ freelancer. You can find them on webmaster forums and​ online bidding sites where you can create a​ service request and​ allow professional freelance web designers to​ bid on your business. This can be a​ great option as​ you can control the​ pricing and​ see a​ professional web designer’s portfolio of​ work before you use their services. Some website owners do part of​ their web design. You choose the​ web designer that’s in​ your price range and​ that provides the​ quality you want. a​ word of​ caution here is​ that you don’t want to​ go based on price alone otherwise you might be unhappy with your results.

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