Diversity Education Program

Diversity Education Program

With prejudice and violence continuing to​ cause problems in​ schools and communities nationwide, studies show many young people have hate-related words used against them at​ school and are often exposed to​ hate-related graffiti.

While parents play a​ critical role in​ helping their children develop positive attitudes about diversity, they cannot do it​ alone. Community programs can have a​ significant impact.

Recently, Boys & Girls Clubs of​ America announced its national rollout of​ "Youth for Unity," an​ interactive program designed to​ build the ability of​ local Boys & Girls Clubs to​ help young people better understand diversity and combat prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.

The program, available to​ some 4 million young people at​ more than 3,700 Boys & Girls Clubs locations, incorporates activities for youth, peer-leadership programs and resources for parents.

"Youth for Unity delivers perspectives and skills that will help youth adapt and thrive in​ a​ diverse society," said Judith J. Pickens, senior vice president for program and youth development services for Boys & Girls Clubs of​ America. "The Youth for Unity program is​ one of​ many ways Boys & Girls Clubs of​ America continues to​ provide vital youth services in​ response to​ our nation's shifting demographics."

In a​ 2018 survey of​ Boys & Girls Clubs members, 50 percent of​ respondents said they believe their parents would not approve if​ they dated someone from another race, religion or​ ethnic group. Ten percent of​ students ages 12 to​ 18 reported that someone at​ school had used hate-related words against them, and 33 percent had seen hate-related graffiti.

The Youth for Unity program is​ part of​ a​ larger Boys & Girls Clubs of​ America diversity initiative funded by a​ $4.5 million commitment from The Allstate Foundation. - NU

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