Dish Network Is Simply Better

Dish Network Is Simply Better

Dish Network is​ Simply Better
If you pay any attention to​ some of​ the​ advertising taking place on television, you will notice a​ very nasty and​ brutal war being waged by cable and​ satellite companies .​
Vying for​ a​ multi-billion dollar market that continues to​ grow each year, the​ satellite and​ cable companies definitely have a​ lot to​ gain—or lose—as a​ result of​ this war .​
While both sides offer certain advantages over their competition, the​ simple fact is​ that Dish Network and​ the​ satellite technology it​ employs is​ destined to​ win this war .​
First of​ all, let’s address the​ two main complaints or​ arguments made by the​ cable companies regarding satellite technology .​
the​ biggest and​ most commonly portrayed weakness of​ Dish Network is​ that customers lose reception during storms .​
Actually, the​ cable companies tend to​ dramatize this weakness but they still have a​ valid point .​
During rough storms and​ bad weather, it​ is​ very possible that you will lose reception temporarily .​
However, the​ same is​ true of​ cable reception although it​ does not happen as​ often .​
Fortunately, however, Dish Network continues to​ invest in​ better technology and​ has made drastic improvements in​ recent years and​ the​ time is​ drawing close when weather will cease interrupting your favorite programming.
The second main complaint about Dish Network is​ that local channels are either not offered or​ cost subscribers a​ premium .​
Again, a​ valid point .​
However, how many of​ us really watch local channels anyway? Even if​ it​ is​ conceded that this is​ truly a​ disadvantage for​ DishNetwork subscribers, the​ benefits of​ the​ service still far outweigh this minor inconvenience.
Simply put: Dish Network offers far more channels than any standard cable service .​
the​ variety alone more than compensates for​ the​ loss of​ local channels .​
But, variety is​ only the​ beginning!
Dish Network offers a​ host of​ benefits to​ its customers such as​ free things like TiVo, up to​ four tv connections, and​ in​ most cases—free installation .​
And….all of​ this can be had for​ less than you will payfor basic cable service .​

And then there is​ the​ customer service benefit to​ Dish Network subscribers .​
How many times have you been inconvenienced by some impersonal and​ unsympathetic customer service rep from the​ cable company telling you that you had to​ be available between 8-5 p.m .​
during the​ work week in​ order to​ get your service repaired? Heck, how many times have you even got through the​ automated system to​ an​ actual human in​ less than twenty minutes when dealing with the​ cable company?
With Dish Network, you get through to​ a​ human immediately and​ they fix the​ problem promptly without inconveniencing you to​ the​ point of​ having to​ take a​ day off of​ work to​ get your service back up and​ running .​
Plus, Dish Network allows customers to​ access and​ pay their bills online so there are never any surprises at​ the​ end of​ the​ month as​ can be the​ case with cable companies .​
Finally, in​ poll after poll, Dish Network subscribers continually give the​ company higher customer service marks than the​ average local cable company .​
Instead of​ being treated like a​ number, Dish Network customers are treated like people.
Lastly, Dish Network is​ simply the​ future .​
the​ cable companies are trying desperately to​ hold on to​ their business but the​ fact remains that they are fighting a​ losing battle .​
the​ reception problem is​ their last straw and​ Dish Network is​ working daily to​ end that irritation for​ its customers .​
With more channels, lower prices, and​ better customer service—is there any doubt that Dish Network is​ simply better?

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