Disease Defined It S Types And What The Internet Has To Say About It

Disease Defined It S Types And What The Internet Has To Say About It

Most of​ us have known someone at​ one time or​ another with a​ disease, some considered curable and​ some not. Cancer is​ considered the​ most fatal among all diseases. Let's begin this article with the​ definition of​ the​ 're known to​ creep into our body without giving us any notice. Until there is​ any symptom of​ disease we can't realize that the​ germs have invaded our body. the​ Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and​ Protozoa are the​ four major types of​ germs. the​ bacteria can cause a​ healthy person to​ become sick and​ even possibly can kill them. Once the​ viruses get inside our body they spread and​ make us sick. the​ fungus is​ a​ plant like micro organism that is​ responsible for​ allergic and​ skin diseases. the​ protozoa are similar to​ bacteria and​ usually cause intestinal infections.

Information and​ Treatment of​ Diseases over the​ Internet

Now a​ day’s people are using the​ internet to​ study information on​ health, diseases and​ medical treatments. With the​ help of​ the​ internet and​ other media the​ World Health Organization WHO can send out immediate warnings about the​ newly discovered killer diseases which are being spread by deadly viruses. Health officials are urging the​ governments of​ different countries around the​ world to​ create an​ alert for​ new killer diseases and​ their threats. in​ the​ conclusion to​ the​ topic it​ can be said that "Prevention from these deadly diseases is​ always better than curing them".

Probably considered to​ be the​ main advantage the​ internet has brought about is​ the​ accumulative sharing of​ disease prevention information across geographical barriers. Scientists can now share their studies and​ findings with the​ rest of​ the​ world through the​ internet. This allows people who are researching disease prevention to​ also look into the​ medical recommendations and​ the​ natural remedies too.

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