Discover Mijares Mexican Restaurant In Pasadena California

Discover Mijares Mexican Restaurant In Pasadena California

Mijares Mexican Restaurant in​ Pasadena, California is​ extremely well known for​ two things, their margaritas and​ their all you can eat Sunday champaign buffet brunch, both of​ which are excellent. This restaurant has been around for​ what seems like forever and​ has developed a​ crowd of​ very loyal patrons.

Although it​ is​ justly well known for​ it's Sunday buffet, this is​ a​ good place to​ dine in​ at​ any time. Their food is​ always fresh and​ well prepared and​ their service is​ usually above average. the​ atmosphere is​ casual, relaxed and​ friendly and​ their prices are very reasonable.

Every once in​ a​ while someone will tell me that the​ food here is​ not authentic Mexican cuisine (most of​ these people, by the​ way, are not Mexican or​ Hispanic and​ have never been to​ Mexico). When I ask them why they feel that the​ food is​ not authentic, they say that the​ food is​ not spicy or​ hot enough. They say that Mexican food is​ very hot because of​ all the​ chili that is​ added during cooking. Well, I have news for​ those people, not all Mexicans like their food extra spicy and​ many that do enjoy it​ hot like to​ add their chili while they are eating. Every Mexican that I know who has eaten here likes the​ way the​ food is​ prepared and​ likes the​ chilis and​ salses that are served with the​ food. My son, who is​ one half Mexican, likes his food hot, the​ hotter the​ better, yet this is​ one of​ his favorite Mexican restaurants. He says that neither the​ food nor the​ salsas can compare with those prepared by his mother or​ grandmother but they are better those served in​ most Mexican restaurants that he has been to.
I have been a​ fan of​ Mexican cuisine since I met my wife in​ 1966. I do not like hot or​ very spicey food but I do like well prepared food with good flavor. I do not think that anyone can cook better than my wife, however we both like to​ go out to​ eat and​ we both enjoy good Mexican restaurants. While there are some Mexican restaurants that I prefer over Mijares, none of​ them are in​ Pasadena.

The Sunday brunch at​ Mijares is​ very good and​ at​ $16.95 per person is​ very cheap. Some people I know drink that much in​ free champaign and​ mimosas. if​ you are not that much into Mexican food the​ buffet also has eggs, hash browns, bacon, ham and​ delicious ribs. Their omelet chef makes excellent omelets and​ definitely doesn't stint on the​ ingredients. if​ you are into Mexican food they serve menudo, fajitas, various types of​ tacos, enchiladas, carnitas, rice, beans and​ more. They have a​ nice variety of​ desserts including flan and​ plenty of​ fruit.

Mijares has a​ fairly small but well stocked bar. it​ seems, however that almost everyone goes there for​ the​ margaritas which are inexpensive, generously proportioned and​ made with good quality tequila. the​ bartenders are friendly and​ the​ patrons at​ the​ bar always seem to​ be part of​ one big party.

Mijares Mexican Restaurant is​ a​ family owned restaurant and​ is​ located in​ it's own hacienda style building at​ 145 Palmetto Drive, Pasadena, California. it​ has plenty of​ free and​ valet parking except on Friday and​ Saturday nights when it​ seems as​ if​ almost everybody in​ the​ San Gabriel Valley is​ there partying, eating, drinking margaritas and​ listening to​ mariachi music.

Reservations are not required but they are a​ good idea. the​ telephone number for​ Mijares is​ 626-792-2763.

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Discover Mijares Mexican Restaurant In Pasadena California

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