Discount Last Minute Puerto Vallarta Packages To The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita

We managed a​ discount last minute Puerto Vallarta package to​ the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. in​ truth the discount was the bonus, because we fully intended to​ go there anyway, and pay the full price, but thanks to​ some work online, we got a​ huge discount. a​ quick thank you to​ The Vacation Bargain Finder, details of​ which can be found at​

We stayed for five nights in​ a​ casita, which although it​ wasn’t an​ ocean view, it​ was still lovely, with a​ king-sized bed, fantastic marble bathroom, big outside terrace, and great extras, in​ fact everything you would expect from a​ Four Seasons Resort, and yet something indefinably more, possibly the big plasma screen television!!

The service in​ the resort was first class, always there when you wanted something, very willing to​ make sure it​ was to​ your satisfaction. When we lay on the beach the hourly ‘visits’ were always awaited with anticipation as​ we savoured smoothies, ice cream, cold towels, fresh fruit. The beach is​ great, clean, clear water, and no difficulty in​ getting sun beds or​ umbrellas.

We loved the infinity pool, and the views, and again, there wasn’t any difficulty at​ all getting sun beds, which is​ quite a​ change from other resorts we have stayed in. Additionally the beautiful grounds were kept immaculately clean.

The food was an​ experience not to​ be missed, and we ate in​ all the restaurants and didn’t have a​ bad meal once. We both particularly enjoyed the Bahia grill restaurant right on the beach. We both appreciated the efforts made to​ cook the food as​ you wanted it, not exactly as​ the menu described it, and that is​ very unusual in​ our experience.

The spa and fitness room were well laid out, and I took some exercise almost every day, and again the supply of​ cold towels and water brought to​ the equipment you were working out on was a​ great joy.

Finally, The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita is​ the type of​ resort that never feels crowded even when full. The prices for food and drink are extremely high but so are the resort’s standards.

You can find a​ discount last minute booking by doing a​ little work, and it​ will be so worth it!!!

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