Discount Ink Cartridge

Discount Ink Cartridge

Discount Ink Cartridge
Despite the steep drop of​ printer price, printer ink remains to​ be one of​ the most expensive liquids in​ the world .​
According to​ a​ recent study by the UK Consumers Association, printer ink costs even more than French Champagne per milliliter .​

Many consumers are fed up with the high price of​ OEM replacement cartridges .​
Many of​ them bought a​ cheap ink printer for home use, only to​ find out that they have spent more on ink cartridges in​ just a​ few months .​
This is​ why discount ink cartridges become so popular among bargain hunting consumers these days .​

Discount ink cartridges are mostly compatible cartridges, also known as​ generic cartridges .​
They are like the generic drugs in​ pharmaceutical industry .​
Compatible cartridges are made brand new with the same specifications of​ name brand cartridges but are generally 50-75% cheaper .​

One consumer was quoted saying I​ was amazed at​ the money I​ save using these discount ink cartridges .​
I​ can print as​ many color photos as​ I​ want now .​
Another consumer said I​ was a​ bit concerned about the printing quality at​ first, but it​ worked out great .​

The other type of​ discount ink cartridges is​ remanufactured cartridges .​
They are name brand cartridges which have gone through one cycle of​ use, but refilled and sometimes installed with new components .​
Remanufactured cartridges are a​ bit more expensive than compatible cartridges but still offer a​ big savings compared to​ OEM cartridges .​
In addition, they are very popular among environmentally concerned consumers.

Although many stores offer discount ink cartridges, consumers are advised to​ choose the products carefully .​
In addition to​ price comparison, they should seek out suppliers who can also provide good service, good refund policy and extended warranty.

To learn more about discount ink cartridges and to​ see if​ they are available for your printer model, please visit the following site:

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