Disadvantages Of Free Web Hosting

Disadvantages Of Free Web Hosting

If you get what you pay for, anything free must not be worth much. This is​ as​ true for​ free Web hosting services as​ any other commodity. a​ free Web host may or​ may not provide the​ required level of​ reliability. Therefore extreme caution must be taken when choosing a​ free Web host.

There are several restrictions likely to​ appear. These include:

1. Advertisements, potentially those of​ competing Web sites, may be placed upon any site they host. This is​ a​ common source of​ revenue for​ a​ free host. These advertisements prove to​ be an​ irritant for​ many customers who may not like their browsing experience to​ be affected by these ads.

2. There may be little to​ no support with a​ free hosting plan. Sometimes only a​ FAQ page is​ offered as​ support. There may be no chance for​ change or​ correction of​ problems even when a​ complaint is​ filed.

3. the​ host may suffer frequent server breakdowns. There may be insufficient bandwidth to​ support the​ Web site's needs. There may be no scalability. There may be thousands of​ other Web sites competing for​ the​ same server resources. This "death of​ a​ thousand paper cuts" result in​ hosts that look good at​ first glance, but fail miserably in​ practice.

4. Few free Web hosts offer significant storage space or​ even restrict the​ type of​ files allowed for​ use. for​ example, files typically that use a​ lot of​ bandwidth (like MP3 files) may not be allowed. This can cripple the​ utility of​ many Web sites.

5. Free Web hosts may also require the​ use of​ a​ sub-domain, which makes the​ ID much longer than it​ would have been if​ the​ Web site used its own domain name. the​ vast increase in​ URL length for​ the​ site can result in​ many potential customers forgetting, misspelling, or​ otherwise failing to​ reach the​ site quickly and​ efficiently.

These are not insignificant disadvantages. the​ Internet is​ a​ very competitive and​ unforgiving environment. Visitors can be very fickle and​ are unlikely to​ return to​ a​ Web site that suffers from frequent technical problems, is​ cluttered with obtrusive banner advertisements, or​ which otherwise encumbers their navigation. Because the​ Internet makes most tasks very easy, this ease of​ use is​ expected. Complications are typically greeted with simple avoidance, as​ there is​ almost certainly an​ easier way to​ accomplish any given task.

Generally speaking, a​ free host should be avoided if​ the​ desire is​ to​ set up a​ business Web site. the​ resultant loss in​ terms of​ customers lost can be much higher than the​ actual gain to​ be had through Web presence. a​ sub-standard site is​ often the​ sign of​ a​ sub-standard business.

Free Web hosts are, however, a​ safe choice if​ the​ Web site is​ an​ information Web site or​ a​ personal Web site. Even then the​ goal should be for​ this to​ be a​ limited period. for​ a​ Web site to​ grow, money will have to​ be invested eventually.

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