Disadvantages Of Being A Nursing Assistant

Disadvantages Of Being A Nursing Assistant

Disadvantages of​ Being a​ Nursing Assistant
Being a​ Nursing Assistant can be a​ very rewarding career for those who are compassionate, hardworking, and who enjoy helping others .​
They are a​ necessary part of​ the medical field .​
Often, their work goes unappreciated by others in​ the medical profession .​
There are disadvantages to​ being a​ Nursing Assistant that can lead to​ someone no longer enjoying their job .​
The Nursing Assistant profession has one of​ the highest turn over rates in​ the medical field .​
Most people who become certified as​ a​ Nursing Assistant don’t do it​ for the pay .​
They are interested as​ a​ way of​ helping others and working with other medical professionals .​
The low cost of​ the program as​ well as​ the short amount of​ time it​ takes to​ complete it​ are also big motivators to​ enroll in​ such a​ program.
We all like to​ feel appreciated, both professionally and personally .​
Nursing Assistants who don’t feel respected and appreciated by the other medical staff quickly come to​ dislike their job .​
It can lead to​ feelings of​ inadequacy and resentment .​
In some cases, it​ can result in​ not performing duties to​ the best of​ your ability .​
In others, it​ can result in​ simply not performing the duties you don’t enjoy doing .​
While Nursing Assistants help keep things running smooth for everyone including patients, families, and other medical staff, they are often not paid very well .​
This type of​ position is​ considered entry level .​
The starting pay is​ generally a​ few dollars above minimum wage, but when compared to​ the earnings of​ Nursing staff, the pay is​ still considered to​ be very low.
Being a​ Nursing Assistant exposes you to​ a​ wide variety of​ patients .​
Meeting their needs including feeding, bathing, and dressing can often be difficult .​
Nursing Assistants are also required to​ be able to​ assist the Nursing staff with anything that arises during their shift .​
Nursing Assistants often find themselves running short on time to​ complete everything on the agenda for a​ given day .​
One of​ the most difficult things for Nursing Assistants to​ deal with is​ the behaviors of​ patients .​
While most appreciate the help being offered, others become very angry and mean towards the Nursing Assistant .​
The risk of​ both physical and emotional abuse is​ very high in​ this profession .​
This can definitely take a​ toll of​ anyone.
As with any area of​ the medical field, Nursing Assistants are exposed to​ death and dying .​
There are times when feelings of​ hopelessness are felt by the Nursing Assistant as​ they see patients that they aren’t able to​ help as​ much as​ they would like to .​
While they understand that is​ part of​ the medical profession, it​ can still be very difficult to​ take.
Even the most dedicated and responsible Nursing Assistants can start to​ feel burnout in​ association with their job .​
This is​ when your job becomes so overwhelming that you lose interest in​ it, as​ well as​ other activities .​
It can be the result of​ working too many hours, working short staff, or​ a​ combination of​ other factors .​
Watch for the warning signs .​
The decision to​ pursue employment as​ a​ Nursing Assistant lead to​ a​ wonderful career for you .​
However, it​ is​ important that you are fully aware of​ the disadvantages of​ the career choice as​ well .​
This way you can make an​ informed decision .​
You will need to​ ask yourself if​ the advantages outweigh the disadvantages .​
It will also help you prepare for signs of​ such disadvantages that you can overcome.
For example, you can obtain counseling services if​ you are experiencing negative feelings related to​ the death of​ a​ patient or​ other such issue .​
You can prepare yourself for issues that arise with other staff, and know where in​ your facility to​ go with that information for a​ solution .​
You can also prepare yourself to​ avoid burnout with the job, and take the necessary steps if​ you start to​ feel that way.

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