Disabled Children And Commercial Playground Equipment

Disabled Children And Commercial Playground Equipment

"Play is​ an​ important part of​ your child’s physical, social, intellectual and​ emotional development," according to​ KidsHealth.org. Here at​ Creative Recreational Systems, we believe that children of​ all ages and​ disabilities should enjoy the​ same quality playground experience. This is​ why we work hard to​ comply with ADA requirements and​ safety guidelines.

Safety experts suggest that the​ safest surfacing for​ playgrounds is​ either wood chips or​ rubber surfacing. However, wood chips do not provide a​ sturdy enough surface for​ wheelchairs to​ maneuver. ASTM standards state that for​ wheelchair access, surfaces are required to​ be "firm, stable, and​ slip resistant" as​ specified in​ ADAAG. This is​ why Creative Systems specializes in​ SofTile surfacing, a​ surface that is​ durable enough to​ withstand weather and​ wear, soft enough to​ cushion, and​ sturdy enough to​ provide easy wheelchair access. We supply and​ install ADA compatible ramps so that your playground can be fully accessible to​ those disabled. We also offer a​ large variety of​ playground equipment which we can personalize and​ combine to​ meet your unique needs. We supply ground level play components, such as​ swings and​ stand alone climbers, to​ accommodate ground play for​ disabled children. Our elevated play components also meet ADA requirements by being wheelchair accessible.

Many of​ our site furnishings also meet ADA standards. We offer ADA compliant picnic tables that provide easy wheelchair access at​ both ends, as​ well as​ rounded corners for​ added safety. When possible, we try to​ exceed the​ ADA guidelines to​ provide increased accessibility and​ opportunities. at​ Creative Systems, we strive to​ give all children a​ fulfilling, educational, fun, and​ overall safe environment in​ which to​ play.

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