Directories Submissions And SEO Search Engine Optimization

Directories Submissions And SEO Search Engine Optimization

This article will guide you​ the​ importance of​ directories submissions in​ launching a​ new site,​ or​ ranking an​ existing one. I am going to​ review 6 important areas.

Directories are the​ “brand new site” best friend.
Since every new domain gets put in​ the​ Google “TrustBox”,​ since they favor links from trusted sites. This is​ a​ part of​ the​ "TrustRank" equation within the​ algorithm. Directories play a​ very important roll in​ getting good quality inbound links that help your site to​ get out. as​ they pass PageRank and reputation with Google,​ your site will greatly benefit from its inclusion in​ these directories,​ especially in​ the​ launching phase of​ its life cycle. So,​ finding solid directories to​ get your site listed is​ the​ key.

The viable alternative to​ link buying... and safer.
Directories provide one-way inbound links to​ your site,​ and drive traffic to​ your site through direct referrals. By doing this,​ they boost your link popularity and ultimately improve your search rankings. All this done naturally,​ and cost free in​ many cases.

Paid vs. free: the​ differences and the​ similarities.
Paid directories quickly list your site,​ were free ones may take several weeks or​ even months to​ review it. on​ the​ other hand,​ some paid directories charge expensive listing fees for the​ link they provide,​ and that is​ not cost effective. if​ you​ work on​ a​ limited budget for your site,​ you​ may want to​ submit to​ a​ handful of​ paid directories but a​ few hundred of​ free ones. of​ these last ones,​ prioritize “one-ways” preferably. Whatever directories you​ submit to,​ paid or​ free or​ a​ combination of​ both types,​ the​ quality of​ the​ directory itself should be the​ biggest consideration in​ your decision.

The directory page that counts is​ were the​ link is.
When doing a​ directory submission,​ not only look at​ the​ PageRank of​ the​ homepage,​ but also of​ the​ subpage,​ where your link will be. While it​ may seem like a​ benefit to​ have your site listed on​ a​ PR7 directory,​ this is​ less effective when you​ realize that the​ internal page where your link is​ actually only a​ PR3,​ when you​ expected more.

Pagerank is​ not the​ only factor of​ directory quality.
A low PR directory is​ not necessarily a​ bad one. New directories fall in​ this category. These directories do review and list sites quicker. Also,​ when they become more popular,​ so will your listing. Again,​ base your decision based on​ the​ quality of​ the​ directory. And keep in​ mind whether or​ not the​ directory is​ search engine friendly. When checking the​ structure of​ the​ link to​ your site,​ make sure it​ is​ not dynamic.

Directories links shouldn’t be more than 10%.
You shouldn’t have more than this percentage in​ your overall inbound links count. Don’t rely on​ directories alone as​ your link source. Diversify them for your benefit.
Please refer to​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics – Part 2 for more sources.

By Dedicated SEO Consultant Jose Nunez

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