Direct Tv And The Hd Dvr

Direct Tv And The Hd Dvr

With the​ inclusion of​ free or​ price-reduced TiVo-powered DVRs (digital video recorders), the​ benefits of​ DIRECTV have become so much greater. Particularly compelling is​ the​ high definition DVR combo that new DIRECTV subscribers can currently receive at​ a​ fair price. of​ course the​ question to​ be asked is: if​ I can receive a​ free DVR with my DIRECTV subscription, why dish out the​ extra cash for​ the​ upgrade? There are quite a​ few reasons. How compelling they are will depend on you and​ your family’s television viewing habits, but in​ short, if​ you own more than one TV in​ a​ household of​ more than one DIRECTV viewer, this piece of​ equipment offers several features whose advantages you will seriously want to​ consider.
The HD DVR is​ the​ very first DIRECTV receiver capable of​ digital video recording and​ high definition reception, and​ that is​ in​ addition to​ its ability to​ function in​ more than one room. What this means is​ that it​ is​ not only possible to​ connect two or​ more televisions to​ a​ high definition DIRECTV signal and​ record the​ programming received, you also no longer need separate boxes for​ high definition and​ DIRECTV. Furthermore, unlike other high definition DIRECTV receivers, this particular unit is​ also capable of​ receiving a​ standard definition signal, eliminating the​ need to​ keep that standard definition antenna/receiver around. This is​ just the​ beginning.

In terms of​ features and​ design, the​ HD DVR offers various recording and​ viewing possibilities that are almost too numerous to​ list. Both televisions connected to​ this box can be set to​ manual/auto timers and​ may also do quick records. Furthermore, while a​ “live” program is​ being recorded it​ is​ possible to​ watch another program already recorded from DIRECTV onto the​ hard drive. There are fifty such automatic/manual timers. This presents one with many options. the​ DIRECTV receiver can be set to​ tune to​ your favorite sitcom on one station, while recording that documentary on another station that you want to​ watch later. You can be watching one station while recording two different standard definition movies or​ television shows. Or, one high definition channel can be recorded at​ the​ same time as​ another channel in​ standard definition.

Since the​ DIRECTV recording capabilities of​ this box are so sophisticated, the​ engineers who put it​ together were thoughtful enough to​ include a​ user friendly Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Using the​ cursor, all one need do is​ navigate to​ the​ desired program and​ press the​ “select” button on the​ remote control. for​ those who have used TiVo, this will already be familiar, as​ will the​ options to​ record the​ program once, weekly, Monday through Friday, etc. This user friendly and​ streamlined interface is​ made even better by the​ fact that the​ EPG lists nine full days worth of​ programming, and​ this list is​ stored Directly on the​ HD DVR ’s hard drive. This puts the​ information literally at​ your fingertips. the​ EPG becomes even better by a​ handy “search” function, which makes locating your favorite programs a​ breeze.

What’s really great about the​ HD DVR is​ that with it​ you have two high definition receivers in​ one box. This feature makes it​ possible to​ watch DIRECTV in​ two locations in​ your home, and​ to​ have a​ different program on either TV. Even better, this receiver comes with two remote controls - one for​ each television connected to​ the​ DIRECTV signal. the​ remotes themselves are extremely handy creatures, each one capable of​ working up to​ one-hundred feet and​ through walls. in​ addition to​ the​ DIRECTV receiver they are capable of​ controlling the​ television, VCR, or​ DVD player.

Other features of​ the​ HD DVR include parental control locks (so two DIRECTV connected TVs need not mean a​ loss of​ oversight), as​ well as​ a​ wealth of​ program information on the​ EPG, including theme lists, favorites, and​ one-touch channel return. There is​ also closed-caption and​ alternate audio support. for​ those concerned about inputs and​ outputs, the​ has them in​ plenty, one HDMI, one component video out, one A/V out, and​ a​ digital optical out. in​ addition to​ the​ DIRECTV antenna input, there is​ an​ antenna RF input for​ receiving and​ recording local high definition channels. There is​ also a​ twin satellite input on the​ back panel, the​ in-jack for​ the​ second television, a​ phone jack, an​ accessory jack for​ a​ VCR signal blaster, and​ a​ mysterious though implicitly exciting USB port for​ an​ as​ of​ yet unspecified future use.

Thanks to​ the​ professional installation technician sent to​ my house by Dish Network, installation of​ the​ DIRECTV and​ HD DVR was a​ snap. Once up and​ running, it​ took little time to​ get a​ feel for​ the​ EPG and​ how to​ navigate it​ using the​ arrow keys on the​ remote. While surfing the​ EPG, the​ channel currently being watched converts to​ a​ picture-in-picture (PIP) box in​ the​ upper right-hand of​ the​ screen so that nothing is​ missed. Accessing recorded shows is​ also as​ simple as​ touching the​ obviously placed button labeled “DVR”. in​ no time whatsoever I had programmed the​ recording of​ several upcoming programs that a​ few late nights at​ work would otherwise have caused me to​ miss.

In converging the​ best aspects of​ two great products into one even greater product, high definition DIRECTV and​ digital video recording powered by TiVo, the​ HD DVR creates the​ dual effect of​ exponentially increasing your entertainment options while making home entertainment more simple and​ flexible than ever. This is​ an​ excellent DIRECTV receiver for​ not one, but two televisions; this fact alone makes the​ model ideal, especially for​ those of​ us with families of​ broad and​ oftentimes conflicting tastes. However, the​ designers of​ this DIRECTV receiver did not stop there when contemplating the​ unit. in​ functionality and​ design, the​ HD DVR ’s multiplicity of​ options and​ its user-friendly interface are without parallel.

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