Digital Videos Are Great For Adding Special Effects

Digital Videos Are Great for​ Adding Special Effects
Digital video is​ a​ new technology that can be used and​ manipulated much easier than the​ old analog signal .​
This generic term is​ not to​ be confused with the​ name DV, which is​ a​ specific type of​ digital video .​
In the​ past video was recorded on tape but today with digital video it​ can be recorded on tape, DVD or​ straight to​ the​ hard drive of​ a​ computer .​
This generic term is​ not to​ be confused with the​ name DV, which is​ a​ specific type of​ digital video .​
Digital video can be processed and​ edited very easily today, special effects are easy to​ add with digital editing.
Digital video can also be edited on a​ personal computer which has the​ proper hardware and​ software .​
Regardless of​ software, digital video is​ generally edited and​ needs quite bit of​ disk space to​ store everything .​
Digital video is​ also used in​ modern mobile phones and​ video conferencing systems .​
the​ quality of​ the​ digital video is​ far superior to​ the​ analog counterpart .​
Artistic people will claim that the​ quality of​ digital video is​ cold, that you don't have the​ warmth of​ the​ look of​ film images .​
But one thing is​ for​ sure .​
Digital video is​ here to​ stay, which means that our films of​ our 25th anniversary celebration are also here to​ stay.
These new cameras can record for​ several hours on end .​
the​ recording is​ done either on a​ small videocassette, blank CD or​ a​ DVD .​
Visuals are continuously recorded by these cameras and​ can be played on the​ screen .​

Marketing videos with poor picture quality are likely to​ reflect a​ poor quality company in​ the​ mind of​ the​ viewer, so try to​ get the​ best quality video you can get .​
When people talk about interlacing they are talking about a​ special technique that improves the​ quality of​ the​ picture without increasing extra or​ more bandwidth .​
Using a​ camera that is​ analog you will need multiple tapes for​ long filming, but with digital video you need plenty of​ disk space to​ store all of​ the​ video .​
In the​ past when recording with tapes you will lose the​ quality of​ the​ recording when duplicating the​ information but with digital recording you do not have that problem plus the​ footage will last forever .​
Today many of​ the​ cameras come with many features that you only find in​ professional cameras .​
You can get better picture quality when using a​ more expensive digital camera.

When filming with a​ DVD format it​ will allow you to​ record right to​ digital disk, the​ other type of​ technologies are HDD and​ this allows you to​ record right to​ a​ hard drive .​
as​ the​ tape format is​ slowly being phased out by major manufacturers, it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ invest in​ disk or​ hard drive based digital video cameras .​
While this format is​ very easy to​ use and​ is​ supported by practically all software it​ is​ not efficient as​ there is​ no compression applied .​

With digital video cameras today there are features that allow you to​ take low or​ medium quality footage to​ save space.

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