Different Kinds Of Web Hosting

Different Kinds Of Web Hosting

There are several different kinds of​ Web Hosting that is​ hosting your web page on one of​ their servers. What are the​ different kinds? There are several different kinds of​ Web Hosting.
Free Web Hosting Service -- a​ free web hosting service is​ a​ service in​ which it​ is​ free. No cost to​ you. No Money or​ Credit Cards needed. Most free web services support themselves by attaching advertisements to​ your page in​ the​ form of​ banners, texts-links and/or pop-ups. the​ majority of​ free hosting services assign sub-domain names such as​ (janedoe.forexample.com) or​ sub-directory like (www.forexample.com/janedoe) Some disadvantages are that you receive little bandwidth, advertisements, no guarantee of​ uptime, and​ doesn't allow some file types.
Shared Web Hosting Service – Shared Web Hosting Service can also be called virtual hosting. This is​ a​ situation where there are multiple domains hosted on the​ same physical server and​ all share the​ same IP address or​ a​ set of​ IP addresses.
Reseller Web Hosting – Reseller Web Hosting is​ a​ setup that involves you selling hosting as​ a​ reseller to​ your own customers. the​ Parent Hosting company then receives a​ portion of​ the​ hosting proceeds back to​ it.
Virtual Dedicated Server – Although there are companies who may call this shared hosting, it's true setup is​ where there are multiple domains on a​ series of​ machines not sharing an​ IP address, and​ many times the​ web master has shell access.
Dedicated Hosting Service – Dedicated hosting is​ setup for​ one domain for​ one and​ it's own set of​ IP addresses. This is​ the​ most common high-end host.
Managed Hosting Service – Managed Hosting involves a​ web site hiring a​ company to​ manage it's servers and​ to​ also manage the​ day to​ day routine of​ doing maintenance of​ the​ site like backups of​ the​ databases and​ it's cache files.
Co-location Web Hosting Service – the​ website owner would purchase a​ server and​ rent a​ spot in​ the​ rack location for​ the​ server to​ sit. They would then rent a​ block of​ bandwidth and​ a​ block of​ IP addresses to​ server their web hosting needs. This is​ often interwoven with Managed Hosting Services at​ the​ Co-location Web Hosting Service. This can be often times the​ most cost effective over a​ long span of​ time.
Clustered Hosting – This is​ the​ coupe' de gras of​ hosting. the​ end all to​ beat all. the​ Clustered hosting solution is​ for​ monster sites like MSN, Google, Yahoo, etc. in​ the​ most extreme cases, a​ company may opt for​ this, however it​ might think at​ this point to​ hiring it's own it​ department and​ in​ house Servers.

Whatever hosting type your site needs, be sure to​ do a​ little background check on the​ company and​ try to​ talk to​ at​ least 2 of​ it's current or​ past customers. Also think about payment options and​ lastly about your needs.

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