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The story of​ my health and wellness

For many years,​ my weight and consequently my health and well-being,​ were completely out of​ control and unmanageable. I tried numerous diet programs and never found one that worked to​ my satisfaction. it​ wasn’t until a​ Doctor,​ who eventually became a​ very close friend of​ mine,​ set up a​ program for me that worked extremely well.

It wasn’t a​ program that was to​ quickly solve my weight and health problems,​ but it​ was and has been the​ greatest direction that I could have possibly chosen to​ take. I was overweight at​ 220 lbs. (Now I’m 170 lbs and loving it) it​ used to​ be that I seldom did any exercise,​ even walking,​ as​ I just never had the​ energy - no ambition at​ all. I really was a​ couch potato and could barely find the​ energy to​ get up and go to​ work. the​ low energy levels affected both my work as​ well as​ my home life. My wife (being slim and active) was pretty much fed up with me.

I never thought it​ could be possible to​ change and be a​ happy,​ healthy and active person again,​ but was I ever wrong,​ as​ now I have achieved success in​ all these areas once more.
My wife and I now have a​ renewed and wonderful life together,​ thank heavens. My children can’t believe the​ change in​ me. Now you ask,​ “HOW DID I ACCOMPLISH ALL THIS”?

So what did I do to​ change my situation? With the​ direction from my Doctor friend,​ I changed my - DIET,​ LIFESTYLE,​ EXERCISE HABITS And all for the​ better. For many of​ you,​ time is​ fast running out. to​ control your life,​ and lifestyle,​ you must make a​ choice - and not let life control you any longer.

While it​ may sound easy to​ some of​ you,​ in​ reality it​ really is​ not easy,​ as​ you do have some hard decisions to​ make if​ you are to​ be successful in​ improving your lives,​ as​ I was able to​ do.

To be successful in​ changing your lives,​ I think you all know that if​ you wait any longer,​ then at​ some point,​ for some of​ you,​ your problem could become irreversible,​ then it​ really will be too late. Are you going to​ remain as​ you are,​ and choose to​ let life basically pass you by,​ or​ are you going to​ make the​ best decision you have ever made,​ and take control of​ your life from here on​ out? the​ choice is​ yours and only yours,​ as​ no one can decide for you.The sooner you make a​ positive decision and stick to​ it,​ the​ sooner you will enjoy a​ - “HAPPY and HEALTHY LIFE”


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