Did You Consider These Factors When Buying Atv Tires

Did You Consider These Factors When Buying Atv Tires

ATV tires are one of​ the most significant parts of​ the ATV. at​ the time of​ their discovery, they used to​ possess balloon tires, but today ATV tires are heavy possessing deep treads and low pressure, which is​ approximately less than 10 pounds per square inch. These features of​ a​ tire enable to​ have a​ clutch on the road which will further help in​ traveling across the terrains like forests and wetlands with an​ ease and comfort.

Composition of​ ATV Tires

The main components of​ an​ ATV tire are belts, a​ carcass, and the inner lining.

a - The belts are composed of​ a​ series of​ steel, polyester, nylon, or​ Kevlar coated with the layers of​ rubber.

b - The main part of​ the tire is​ carcass, which is​ composed of​ wire beads and body plies.

c - The inner lining of​ a​ tire is​ composed of​ compounded rubber, which forms the inner side of​ a​ tubeless tire.

The ATV tire construction possesses two different types: bias-ply and radial designs. in​ case of​ bias-ply tires, the tires are composed of​ textile cords such as​ nylon or​ Kevlar whereas the radial tires are composed of​ reinforced-steel cable belts that are coated with rubber.

These two different types of​ constructions possess their own features influencing their performance. For example, the sipes are present over the surface of​ the tires in​ such a​ manner, so that the ATV can easily navigate across muddy, snowy, or​ wet surfaces.

How to​ Buy ATV Tires

There are few things that should be kept in​ mind before buying the ATV tires. For example, you should look at​ the type of​ the tire, its width and the ratio of​ the tire in​ terms of​ its height to​ the weight. You should also look at​ its construction, wheel diameter, load index, and speed rating of​ the tire.

Drawback of​ ATV Tires

The tires of​ the ATV are strong and can easily navigate through any type of​ land surfaces (icy, wet, rocky, etc.), but possess one major disadvantage of​ smashing out the things which come in​ their way.

For example, the tires of​ ATV because of​ their heaviness dig out the channels, which drain out the waterlogged areas in​ forests. They also destroy the flimsy plants which are necessary over the deserts and beaches in​ order to​ prevent the sand dunes from getting eroded. They also destroy the layers of​ snow on the snowy surface.

Choices of​ ATV Tires

There are numerous options of​ ATV tires to​ meet your requirement. The main factor that helps in​ choosing your ATV tire is​ the way in​ which you want to​ use your ATV that is​ whether you will be navigating across the muddy land, rocky surface, etc. For e.g. to​ use your ATV in​ muddy area, you should opt for mudding tires.

There are different sizes, treads, and shapes of​ the tires. it​ is​ always suggested that you should not buy second hand tires for the daily use of​ your ATV because in​ the used tires, generally the rubber is​ worn out due to​ which the tires become no longer safe.

The replacement of​ your tires depends upon the usage of​ your ATV and the care of​ your tires which means you should get the tires replaced when the rubber on the tires get worn off.

In order to​ take proper care of​ your ATV tires, you should inflate the tires properly, but they should not be over inflated as​ this will result in​ the rupturing of​ the tires.

The ATV tires are available at​ local dealers or​ on the Internet. While purchasing tires, you should consider the material they are made of​ as​ this will help in​ judging its quality.

Hence, the best choice and proper care of​ your tires can really help you in​ enjoying your ATV for long period of​ time.

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