Did My Email Message Get There

Did My Email Message Get There

Did My Email Message Get There?
Email systems are notorious for sending messages to​ la la land, never to​ be heard from again .​
And, email viruses are continually running rampant and wreaking havoc .​
So, if​ you’re worried that your message didn’t arrive, you have a​ valid concern .​

How can you verify that someone received your message without using the return receipt function and running the risk of​ offending the person? What other options are available to​ ensure your message was received?
If you think your message didn’t arrive because you haven’t received a​ response in​ a​ reasonable amount of​ time, try sending another message .​
Here’s the magic trick .​
Make it​ clear that the only purpose of​ this second correspondence is​ to​ confirm receipt of​ the first message .​

Here are a​ few examples of​ a​ second message you can send to​ verify an​ email was received.
Sample One (Informal tone):
I’m not trying to​ rush you .​
I​ simply want to​ verify that you received my message .​
Sample Two (More formal tone):
Please verify receipt of​ this message now .​
I​ look forward to​ your response to​ the inquiry at​ a​ later time .​

Note: The purpose of​ these examples is​ to​ provide you with sample wording .​
Be sure to​ put the message in​ your own words.
As a​ writer, I​ send a​ lot of​ messages to​ magazine editors .​
They’re notorious for two things: 1) changing their email addresses; and 2) not responding to​ correspondence .​

So, I’m often in​ a​ quandary when I​ don’t receive a​ response to​ my correspondence .​
Did the editor not receive my proposal? is​ the editor simply not interested? It’s a​ difficult situation .​

In most cases, I’ll send a​ second message to​ verify receipt .​
Let me share the results of​ follow-up messages I​ sent to​ three people .​

In two instances, the recipients hadn’t received my original message .​
In these cases, they thanked me for following up and for re-sending my proposal .​
(And, they both bought articles!)
In the third instance, the person had received my original message .​
I​ received a​ curt reply telling me to​ be more patient .​
He was clearly irritated .​

The point of​ this example is​ – this isn’t an​ exact science .​
There are no clearly defined answers to​ the issue of​ verifying receipt of​ an​ email message .​
You have to​ use good judgment and analyze each situation in​ order to​ use email more effectively.

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