Did I Choose The Best Laptop Computer

Did I​ Choose the​ Best Laptop Computer
Did I​ choose the​ best laptop ?
Keys to​ choosing the​ best laptop computer :
Who is​ the​ laptop user? When choosing a​ laptop computer,​ it​ is​ important to​ understand who will be using it..,​ school student,​ college student,​ professional businessman ,​office worker,​ etc.
Where will the​ laptop be used? For heavy mobile users such as​ college students and professionals,​ size,​ weight and battery life are very important .​
So when looking over the​ reviews and relevant specs,​ keep those factors in​ mind .​
The average high school student uses a​ laptop from room to​ room in​ their house,​ and have loads of​ access to​ AC power most of​ the​ time .​
So for these users,​ the​ factors listed above may not be as​ critical.
How will the​ laptop be used? the​ more mobile the​ user,​ the​ more durability is​ needed .​
Heavy users ie sales reps spend a​ great deal of​ time start and shutting down their laptops every day .​
an​ average heavy user will open and shut their laptop computer 5 times a​ day .​
Although that may not seem alot of​ wear and tear,​ there is​ also the​ issue of​ general handling .​
Heavy users will be traveling from location to​ location,​ in​ and out of​ cars,​on and off planes etc on​ a​ constant basis .​
This increases the​ likelihood of​ damage to​ the​ laptop computer,​ via dropping,​ bumping and banging,​ drink spills on​ the​ keyboard,​ etc....
Should I​ buy a​ service contract for my laptop? the​ answer is​ YES .​
When you think about carrying around a​ fragile piece of​ electronics costing $1000 or​ more,​ the​ price of​ a​ typical service contract is​ a​ bargain .​
for a​ relatively small price $100 per laptop computer,​ its worth it​ to​ for you peace of​ mind.
.How much should I​ expect to​ pay for a​ laptop? It used to​ be hard to​ find a​ quality laptop under $600; however,​ this is​ no longer true .​
There are several companies with great offers,​ starting around £300 .​
The options / upgrades you select have a​ large impact in​ what you can expect to​ pay .​
Having a​ list of​ what you want in​ a​ laptop,​ such as​ memory,​ speed,​ hard drive size,​ burners,​ etc..will help when you go shopping .​
Although online laptop computer manufacturers allow a​ great deal of​ customization,​ the​ general public are easily serviced with a​ off the​ shelf standard laptop computer.
What Laptop Brand Should I​ Select? the​ worlds your oyster in​ this respect with the​ amount of​ laptop computer manufactures out there,​with different colours and sizes its everyones personal choice ,​ I​ myself find that acer have all the​ features which service my needs.
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