Diamond Buying Tips

Diamond Buying Tips

Diamond Buying Tips
No engagement is​ complete without the engagement ring .​
Traditionally, the engagement ring is​ a​ diamond ring presented by the groom to​ the bride .​
Since the engagement ring is​ such an​ important part of​ the wedding you shouldn't take it​ lightly .​
There is​ a​ lot to​ know about rings and about your bride before you purchase the ring.
By the time you buy the engagement ring, you should know her ring size .​
An easy way to​ figure out her ring size is​ to​ secretly take one of​ her rings to​ a​ jeweler .​
They will be more than happy to​ help you out .​
You might also ask her sister or​ mother, or​ anyone close to​ her who would possibly know he ring size .​
You should also know what shapes of​ jewelry stones she likes .​
Does she like white or​ yellow gold, or​ platinum?
Next, you must set your budget .​
Engagement ring prices can range from moderately expensive to​ very expensive .​
The price of​ the engagement ring is​ only limited by your budget .​
The diamond is​ what makes the engagement ring such an​ expensive gift .​
With such an​ expensive investment, you should make sure you understand some of​ the basics of​ buying diamonds.
Diamond professionals use four factors to​ purchase diamonds, and you should use the same standards to​ buy the diamond engagement ring.
1 .​
Color - The color of​ the diamond has a​ significant impact on the overall price .​
Sometimes this is​ referred to​ as​ the color value of​ the diamond .​
You might ask the jeweler to​ place the diamonds you are interested in​ order based on color value .​
Since the color differences are so light, it​ might be difficult to​ see the color difference between diamonds .​
Keep in​ mind the less color the more expensive.
2 .​
Clarity - Clarity is​ no less important when it​ comes to​ selecting a​ diamond .​
An Fl (Flawless) graded diamond shows no inclusions (inclusions = flaws) under 10X magnification .​
Since flawless diamonds are extremely rare, be prepared to​ pay extra for perfection.
3 .​
Cut - It is​ the first aspect of​ the diamond that is​ influenced by humans .​
Cut is​ also called make, the better the make the more gorgeous the diamond .​
Valuing the diamond based on cut can be very subjective.
4 .​
Carat - Carate weight is​ the basic measuring unit of​ diamonds .​
It has to​ do with how much your diamond weighs .​
There is​ a​ huge variety of​ diamonds to​ choose from .​
While they are all beautiful, they are very different in​ color, clarity, cut, and carat weight .​
We hope you'll find the above information helpful in​ selecting your engagement ring diamond .​
Keep in​ mind, you should only buy a​ diamond from a​ reputable jeweler.

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