Devry University An Honest Review

Devry University An Honest Review

DeVry University has its roots from way back in​ 1931 as​ a​ film and radio repair teaching establishment. Today it​ is​ amongst the largest schools run for profit in​ the United States. The University as​ a​ company also finds mention in​ the ‘100 best Corporate Citizen’ list ranked at​ number 11. Through the years, over a​ quarter of​ a​ million students have graduated from the University. Its total number of​ enrolments according some estimates is​ around 50,000, which is​ a​ tad lower than that of​ Phoenix University.

DeVry University boasts of​ 70 odd locations from where students can take classes. Students can also take online classes. The most important attribute of​ the University is​ the range of​ programs offered. There is​ something for every body - full time, part time, night study or​ weekend classes or​ pure online classes. By offering both online and brick and mortar classes at​ a​ variety of​ locations, students find they are able to​ find the combination that best suits their needs.

The university is​ fully accredited and offers various courses in​ areas of​ Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications and Business Administration at​ both undergraduate as​ well as​ graduate levels. This differentiates the school from some of​ the other online universities, like Capella, that have repeatedly failed to​ receive accreditation for its programs. of​ particular note, is​ the business school, which has a​ strong focus on business management. Management education is​ imparted via, the Keller Graduate School of​ Management and as​ such is​ quite focused and current in​ its curriculum.

Another good thing about the university is​ the ‘part-time job services’, which offers to​ find part time jobs for students wanting to​ earn while they learn. Students can earn from $6.5 to​ $10 per hour at​ entry level. But students have often been seen to​ be complaining about the frequency with which the job postings are updated. Even the limitations of​ the job board, however, are a​ stark improvement over some of​ its online competitors which do not even offer the service at​ all.

Online education is​ imparted in​ collaboration with CertifyOnline, which provides DeVry with the reference materials, tests and online labs. This enables availability of​ courses and reference materials in​ synchronous format with live instructions as​ well as​ in​ archived video media. The class sizes are small and offer personalized attention. That said, many students find that the formulated testing and teaching limits not only the creativity of​ their professors, but also the ability for them, as​ students, to​ learn at​ a​ higher level.

The overall quality of​ education is​ considered to​ be quite good by both current students and federal regulators. However, unlike less rigorous competitors, the quality of​ the education comes at​ a​ price. The school is​ quick to​ place students on probation, should the student’s grades fall even a​ little. Such a​ strict discipline is​ perhaps good when you look at​ the future employability of​ the student. Tie this with the figure of​ 90 % of​ the university graduates (who actively pursued employment or​ were already employed when they graduated) finding jobs in​ their referred field within 6 months. While certainly there is​ some room for the University to​ have fiddled with the figures, this number is​ nonetheless quite impressive. it​ is​ important to​ note, however, that in​ light of​ this statistic the University qualifies their 90% claim by omitting some students who were never employed before or​ during their education at​ the university, and are finding it​ a​ difficult job to​ get employed. Some students argue that this is​ because, despite the quality of​ education, the reputation of​ the school remains sub-par amongst employers.

The universities price tag and associated fees are on par with its other online competitors, but it​ is​ important to​ note that this does not always mean a​ bargain compared to​ other public brick-and-mortar universities.

One of​ the major deficiencies of​ DeVry University appears to​ be its administrative department. Students frequently claim to​ have difficulty in​ dealing with the financial aid department as​ well as​ with the other student services departments.

Many students express some serious displeasure with the marketability of​ their Devry degree. They are finding that despite the quality of​ education and rigor of​ the university, that some employers do not yet regard the school as​ equivalent to​ a​ more traditional four year brick-and-mortar school. Another cadre of​ students report, however, that they have found the benefits of​ having the degree a​ very tangible benefit. Other than this deficiency, however, it​ appears that in​ the actual business of​ teaching and learning, DeVry surpasses its online competitors. The question facing incoming students, is​ however, what is​ the ultimate purpose of​ that college degree.

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