Developing A Web Site Concept And Why It Matters

Developing A Web Site Concept And Why It Matters

If your desire is​ to​ build a​ Web site business which attracts targeted traffic and​ actually works for​ you, as​ opposed to​ a​ site which languishes in​ anonymity, then this is​ the​ place to​ start.

Developing a​ concept is​ a​ fundamental step in​ creating a​ Web site. it​ provides a​ framework, upon which you can identify and​ mine profitable Keywords, create and​ add content related to​ your concept and​ identify the​ monetization potential of​ your site.

So where do you start?

If you already have an​ established business, your site concept is​ obvious to​ you. if​ not you should look to​ other interests, experience hobbies or​ job related activities for​ inspiration, the​ possibilities are endless, open your eyes and​ look around for​ ideas.

Remember that without traffic, you will not generate income

Your best source of​ targeted traffic will be from the​ top 3 search engines, this is​ the​ reason why developing a​ themed, content rich site is​ so important, but how do you recognize the​ potential for​ a​ specific concept?


A sufficient amount of​ people must be searching for​ your site theme or​ associated topics. This targeted traffic provides the​ potential for​ monetization.

Too broad

If your concept is​ too broad, although a​ large number of​ people may be searching for​ this theme, the​ competition will be crippling. it​ will be impossible to​ dominate the​ theme of​ Sport for​ example. Even a​ sub-category such as​ bowling would require such a​ massive investment in​ time and​ money to​ render it​ not economically viable, even if​ the​ monetization potential was high.

Too narrow

Likewise a​ concept which is​ too narrow will not provide enough demand for​ you to​ monetize. a​ Web site dedicated to​ the​ St Petersburg Professional Dwarf Tossing League might be a​ good example of​ this. an​ ideal niche which provides reasonable demand and​ low supply should be identified by studying Keywords associated with a​ potential concept.


Number, demand and​ supply… How many keywords are available for​ your site theme and​ associated topics. Each page of​ your site should be built around (focused on) one specific keyword or​ phrase related to​ your theme. to​ find keywords related to​ your concept, how often they are searched for, and​ how many sites out there contain those keywords (a formula for​ profitability), visit Word tracker, they provide one of​ the​ best keyword research tools available on the​ internet.

Are there a​ good combination of​ high demand, low supply keywords available and​ are you starting to​ get ideas for​ creating content focused on each of​ those words?

Subject knowledge

If you choose a​ concept that you know well and​ that you are passionate about, it​ will show in​ the​ content you create for​ your site and​ it​ won’t seem like hard work to​ keep adding to​ it. There are subtle differences between sites created with passion and​ excitement for​ the​ content therein and​ sites which are not… your human reader will pick up on them and​ assign extra credibility to​ the​ former, this kind of​ pre-selling is​ very powerful when delivered naturally.

Monetization potential

A great site concept will offer good options for​ monetizing the​ targeted traffic arriving at​ your site. Whether your primary monetization plan is​ to​ sell hard, soft or​ drop ship products through an​ online store, sell a​ service, use Adsense or​ promote affiliate programs, you should assess the​ potential for​ monetization in​ the​ early stages of​ formulating a​ site concept. Creating lots of​ great content and​ building a​ well optimized site is​ a​ moot point if​ it​ offers no potential for​ monetization.

And finally

At every stage of​ the​ Web site building process, try to​ relax and​ have fun. Put yourself in​ the​ place of​ your target audience, sitting in​ front of​ a​ keyboard and​ revving up Google or​ Yahoo to​ start a​ search… what are they looking for? What approach will appeal to​ them? What is​ their demographic? the​ more you know about your target audience the​ more likely you are to​ provide a​ Web site that will attract the​ kind of​ targeted traffic you need for​ success.

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