Developing A Steady Stream Of Web Site Traffic

If you're doing business on the​ Internet, developing a​ steady stream of​ web site traffic is​ an​ essential part of​ your success. However, as​ the​ Internet contains a​ wealth of​ information, you may be feeling a​ bit overwhelmed and​ not sure where to​ start.

Although there are many ways you can promote your web site and​ develop traffic, this article will focus on the​ most effective marketing and​ promotional techniques.

Writing and​ Publishing Articles

Writing and​ publishing articles in​ the​ area of​ your expertise is​ one of​ the​ most effective ways to​ promote your business online. What's more, if​ you have the​ ability to​ write, it​ won't cost you a​ dime!

The concept is​ simple. You write an​ informative article and​ allow it​ to​ be freely published on the​ Internet with your resource box and​ a​ link to​ your web site included.

Writing and​ publishing articles has a​ number of​ benefits:

* You will develop a​ steady stream of​ web site traffic from those who read your articles.

* You will receive inbound links to​ your web site, which will assist you in​ increasing your search engine ranking.

* You will build trust and​ credibility, as​ your article will promote you as​ an​ expert in​ your field.

* You can promote yourself, your business and​ your web site completely free.

There are many email article announcement groups and​ directories on the​ Internet that will enable you to​ post your article completely free. What's more, most of​ these resources will enable publishers to​ publish your article in​ their ezine and/or on their web site, which can provide you with massive free promotion and​ traffic.

Even if​ you aren't confident in​ your ability to​ write your own articles, there are many writers online you can hire to​ write your articles for​ you.

Visit,, or​ to​ find a​ writer for​ your project.

Internet Forums

Participating in​ forums that target your market is​ another effective way to​ promote your business. No matter what type of​ business you're promoting, chances are, there are online forums with people who share your interest.

You can find suitable forums by using any search engine and​ typing in​ your topic with the​ word 'discussion' behind it. Ideally, you should look for​ forums that are spam free, moderated, and​ have a​ lot of​ active members.

Prior to​ posting to​ any forum, please ensure that you read the​ rules and​ fully understand them. Although blatant advertising will be prohibited, most forums will allow a​ signature file.

Participating in​ forums has a​ number of​ benefits:

* You will receive traffic from those who read your posts.

* You will receive inbound links to​ your web site, which will assist you in​ increasing your search engine ranking.

* You will build trust and​ credibility, as​ your posts will promote you as​ an​ expert in​ your field.

* You can promote your business completely free.

For best results, try to​ participate in​ three to​ five forums, making at​ least one post per day in​ each.

Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click)

Google AdWords provides a​ simple way to​ purchase highly targeted text ads that are displayed with the​ search results, regardless of​ your budget.

Studies have shown that highly targeted keyword advertising produces an​ average of​ four times the​ industry standard clickthrough rate.

Google AdWords enables you to​ have complete control over your ad and​ how much you'd like to​ spend. You can open an​ account with a​ credit card and​ with no minimum deposit required. Once you place your ad, it​ can begin running almost immediately.

Google AdWords provides Internet marketers with a​ cost-effective advertising solution.

Ezine Advertising

Ezine Advertising is​ an​ effective form of​ online advertising. Not only is​ it​ effective, but it​ can also be very inexpensive depending upon the​ size of​ the​ publication.

The key to​ using ezine advertising effectively is​ to​ target your audience and​ track your response. You must test the​ effectiveness of​ both your ad and​ the​ publication in​ which you're advertising. This will enable you to​ determine which ads are pulling the​ most response and​ which publications are providing you with a​ high response rate.

When selecting an​ ezine to​ buy advertising, make sure you select an​ ezine that targets your potential customer. in​ other words, if​ you were selling health products you wouldn't want to​ advertise in​ a​ 'marketing' ezine. You would want to​ advertise in​ an​ ezine that focuses on health.

The Directory of​ Ezines ( provides a​ complete online searchable database of​ ezines that accept advertising. This directory contains all of​ the​ information you'll need to​ know to​ effectively place your ads. However, please note, there is​ a​ small fee.

Although this list of​ promotional strategies is​ far from complete, they will provide you with a​ great place to​ start and​ assist you in​ quickly obtaining a​ steady stream of​ targeted traffic to​ your web site.

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