Details Of The Citi Drivers Edge Card For College Students Application

Details Of The Citi Driver's Edge Card For College Students Application
For those college students looking for a​ credit card opportunity to​ help them to​ buy a​ car within the next five years, consider the Citi Driver’s Edge Card for College Students .​
This credit card allows them to​ affordably gain rewards for the use of​ purchasing a​ new or​ used, US or​ foreign vehicle through discounts .​
It can offer the same purchasing power they need for college expenses but with the benefit of​ earning a​ bit of​ a​ reward as​ well.
The Citi Driver’s Edge Card for College Students allows for a​ good amount of​ benefits in​ the credit line department as​ well as​ the rewards .​
First off, you will have six months of​ an​ introductory rate of​ 0% on all of​ your purchases, you balance transfers and your cash advances .​
This is​ a​ highly desirable benefit .​
In addition, when that time period expires, you will have an​ APR of​ 17.99% on purchase and an​ APR of​ 22.99% on cash advances .​
The charges are figured using the average daily balance method on new purchases which allows for a​ lower fee if​ you carry a​ balance on the credit card .​
Yet another benefit is​ that there is​ no annual fee on this student credit card.
The Citi Driver’s Edge Card for College Students allows for a​ rebate ranging from 1% to​ 3% .​
You will earn 3% cash back on purchases that you make at​ supermarkets, at​ gas stations and at​ drugstores .​
In addition, you get 1% on other purchases using your card .​
You additionally get Drive Rebates at​ one cent per mile driven .​

To use these rebates, you will redeem them toward the purchase or​ the lease of​ a​ new or​ used car .​
You can also use them for maintenance, service and repair on your vehicle .​
You can only earn up to​ $1000 in​ rebates for your vehicle per year and a​ maximum of​ $5000 can be earned as​ a​ maximum on any vehicle.
Those students looking for a​ way to​ earn something back in​ the form of​ help with making a​ purchase of​ a​ vehicle should consider this affordable line of​ credit.

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