Designing Your Web Store The Building Blocks Of An Ecommerce Site

Designing Your Web Store The Building Blocks Of An Ecommerce Site

4 Things Your Web Site Should Accomplish

In building a​ successful E-Biz, every bit as​ important as​ choosing the​ right products is​ creating an​ appealing and​ user-friendly web site. Your web site acts as​ your online store, and​ just like a​ physical store, it​ needs to​ be set up in​ a​ way that makes customers want to​ stay and​ buy. Vinnie Busnelli, general manager for​, offers these tips for​ creating a​ web site that’s conducive to​ selling your products:

• Your web design should be attractive and​ inviting to​ entice visitors to​ stick around and​ shop. It’s a​ proven fact that the​ more time a​ user spends on your site, the​ more likely they are to​ purchase something. and​ customers tend to​ associate the​ effort and​ care you invest into your site with the​ quality of​ products and​ customer care they can expect to​ receive from you.

• Your web site navigation should be simple and​ instinctive – make it​ easy for​ customers to​ buy from you. You don’t want your visitors wandering around, wondering where they need to​ click to​ buy something. in​ fact, the​ fewer clicks it​ takes users to​ get from the​ homepage or​ landing page to​ the​ page where they actually purchase your product, the​ better.

• Your web site should have a​ personal face to​ help put buyers’ minds at​ ease. Adding your picture, your name, and​ a​ number where you can be reached, can reassure reluctant shoppers that there’s a​ real person behind your site, and​ help overcome their resistance to​ buying from a​ small, unknown E-Biz.

• Your web site should offer something new and​ original, so it​ stands out from the​ crowd and​ ranks well with the​ search engines. It’s okay to​ get ideas from successful competitors, but don’t simply mimic someone else’s site – you won’t beat your competition by copying them. Put your creative foot forward and​ differentiate your site.

Weighing Your Options

If you have the​ know-how, you can choose to​ create your own site. However, if​ you have no experience building a​ web site, let alone one that’s attractive and​ easy to​ navigate, you might choose to​ get some outside help. Your web design is​ too important to​ your business’ success not to​ do it​ right:

• a​ custom site is​ a​ more expensive option, but it​ gives you a​ great deal of​ creative control.

• a​ template site can work well, but if​ you leave it​ the​ way it​ is​ when you buy it, you’ll likely end up with the​ exact same site as​ hundreds of​ other people who bought that template. Use the​ many options within the​ template to​ make it​ uniquely your own.

It’s important that customers arriving at​ your eStore like what they see. Take the​ time to​ honestly evaluate your site, what kind of​ message it​ sends to​ visitors, and​ whether you need to​ make any changes. Says Busnelli, “If your customers feel comfortable on your site, they’ll be able to​ enjoy their shopping experience. a​ smartly-designed site will translate into more customer sales, more repeat business, and​ ultimately, higher profit margins.”

Designing Your Web Store The Building Blocks Of An Ecommerce Site

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