Designing For Different Types Of Email Audiences

Designing for Different Types of​ Email Audiences
Marketers usually send only one type of​ message to​ a​ strictly targeted list of​ recipients .​
But in​ reality, the email is​ seen by ten different types of​ audiences who read the message in​ ten different ways .​
Hence, it​ is​ important to​ create a​ message design which satisfies the needs of​ majority type of​ audience as​ possible, instead of​ creating a​ different message for each type of​ audience .​
Things get even more complicated when audience keep shifting .​
It can happen that the same recipient reads the message with a​ different perspective from edition to​ edition, depending on the time or​ mood constraints .​
This problem can be solved by understanding the major email audience .​
Then the design tactics can be designed and the potential of​ the email being read by everyone can be maximized .​
There are eight types of​ audiences: Identifiers, skimmers, readers, HTML readers, text reader, mobile, desk, and searchers .​
Identifiers have only one goal .​
They check from address and subject line to​ make decision amongst the other emails which have overcrowded their inboxes .​
They make recognition and delete the rest of​ the emails which they do not want to​ read .​
For such audience great subject lines and clear branding make the greatest impact .​
Snippet or​ the top line of​ the emails is​ also displayed in​ the preview pane, so this text is​ of​ all importance as​ it​ can help to​ make the difference between reading and deletion .​
Usually the business people fall into this category who want to​ clear the inbox after they arrive to​ the office before the first meeting or​ when they are waiting for their flight.
Skimmers go beyond from address and subject line by actually opening the email .​
But they read the email as​ fast as​ possible, noticing only headlines, subheadings and calls to​ action .​
Then they make the decision whether to​ delete the email or​ read it​ in​ detail .​
When the email is​ being designed, these copy points should be worked upon in​ order to​ deliver the central idea and guide the skimmer towards the click through .​
Skimmers do not even enable images, if​ they have been blocked .​
Thus, strong text content should be designed to​ deliver the content without much focus on the images .​
Readers are a​ little ahead of​ skimmers .​
They read from address, subject line and open the email and read few sentences between the headline and call of​ action so as​ to​ learn more about the email topic .​
This helps them with the click through hurdle .​
These audience also turn on the images or​ click on the web version link .​
Every email should have both HTML and text version of​ the message .​
Since most of​ the readers now-a-days are using their portable devises for checking emails, here text version will be of​ more use than the HTML version with images .​
HTML design dose takes more time, but few more minutes must be devoted to​ make the text version attractive .​
Include URLs with text as​ short and as​ clear as​ possible .​
Easily readable text messages increases the number of​ clicks by a​ great percentage .​
Email design is​ encountering new challenge because of​ the growth of​ mobile readers .​
Some PDAs show HTML version correctly, while the others show lines and lines of​ irritating HTML code .​
Again, matching the right format with the right reader is​ important here, but hundred percent is​ impractical .​
If an​ interesting message isn’t being displayed properly, mobile readers will save the message to​ later read it​ on their laptop or​ desktop .​
Desk readers are the biggest audience for which majority of​ marketers design emails .​
This audience is​ also the one most likely to​ act on the email .​
Design strategy used to​ optimize emails for other audiences will also prove effective for this particular group too .​
Desk readers can also be skimmers or​ readers .​
Therefore, here too, it​ is​ important to​ concentrate on the top line of​ the email, apart from the subject line .​
Searcher audiences start as​ members of​ one of​ the other type of​ audience .​
When they see something which they like but cannot deal with it​ at​ that time they save it​ for later .​
When they have time they want to​ find the message in​ a​ flash .​
So if​ the message does not stand out, it​ will be forgotten about .​
Again here it​ is​ important to​ design the subject line, top line of​ email and sender address properly .​

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