Designer Dog Rage Is It Safe

Ever thought about buying a​ dog that's not only a​ companion; it's fashionable too? Unless you​ have been living under a​ rock you​ will most likely have heard about the​ new 'designer dog' rage.

You might have wondered what the​ big deal was with such new mixes. What is​ it​ about their cute little names and button noses that are driving hordes of​ people to​ the​ nearest designer dog breeder?

Many people are opposed to​ the​ deliberate crossbreeding of​ dogs. Mainly because it​ seems to​ have become a​ big money making scam.

The Schnoodle,​ Labradoodle and Maltipoo are just some of​ the​ cute new hybrids that are massively popular with those looking for a​ special kind of​ puppy,​ one that's been intentionally bred to​ suit your lifestyle,​ and of​ course your handbag.
These fashionable mixes have been around for a​ while. Even Queen Elizabeth's famous Corgi's mated with her sister's Dachshund resulting in​ Dorgi's.

Most crossbreeding occurs accidentally and these mixed breed dogs must not be confused with deliberately bred hybrid. to​ call itself a​ 'designer dog' the​ parents of​ the​ dog must both be purebred and of​ different breeds.

Within the​ various mixed dog populations there is​ a​ relatively large gene pool. These dogs take qualities from generations and generations of​ other crossbreeds before them. This is​ said to​ be good for the​ dog.

One of​ the​ problems with purebred dogs is​ that the​ gene pool is​ relatively small. While various sought after attributes is​ enhanced,​ so are some health problems. at​ least with purebred dogs there is​ a​ long and well documented list of​ things to​ expect. For every aspect of​ your dog’s health,​ temperament and personality there are many people who have owned these dogs. Many families have been breeding throughout their own generations and know a​ great deal about the​ breeds they specialize in.

It's a​ very complicated science. at​ it's best breeders want to​ improve the​ species. And it​ can be argued that making the​ species better suited to​ modern human life (by fitting conveniently in​ a​ handbag) is​ what's best for the​ future of​ the​ species. By creating a​ kind of​ scientific selection breeders are making stronger dogs more full of​ vitality than any of​ the​ known breeds.

Only time will tell if​ these new breeds will become officially recognized. New breeds must pass through many hoops before they become officially recognized.

Even though many of​ these dogs have large followings already there is​ much resistance from the​ purebred dog camp.
Poo-dogs and designer mutts might be fashionable now but they won't seem so wonderful when their eyes are popping out of​ their sockets!

It takes a​ long time to​ create a​ breed of​ dog that is​ similar throughout different generations. the​ expertise,​ time and investment required by designer dog breeders is​ what those who are good at​ it​ call their life's work.

Beware of​ backyard breeders and scrutinize the​ person who you​ buy your designer dog from. You're safest choice will always be a​ purebred. Breeders have spent many years perfecting both the​ art and the​ science of​ the​ dog.

And of​ course a​ good dog is​ a​ reflection of​ the​ love and care it​ was given from birth. Rather spend some time selecting loving and dedicated breeders than buying from a​ newspaper or​ Internet site.

Often these designer doggies come from people whose main goal is​ profit. the​ harsh reality is​ that breeding quality,​ reliable offspring requires far more investment than it​ yields profit. Very few breeders (who have a​ proven track record and good reputation) make a​ large profit from what they do.

If you​ are ordering a​ designer doggie that is​ costing thousands you​ might want to​ think about what you​ will be getting for your money

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