Designer Dog Clothes

Designer Dog Clothes

Some of​ us just to​ refuse to​ think of​ our dogs are just dogs. For us there are dog clothes!

Cute sweaters,​ doggie tee shirts,​ dog booties,​ stylish bandanas,​ and let’s not forget little hats. These are among the​ items people will purchase to​ dress their dogs in​ style.

Dressing a​ dog is​ more about the​ owner having fun than the​ animal,​ but as​ long as​ the​ clothing isn’t uncomfortable,​ most dogs don’t mind humoring their human friends. Some even seem to​ enjoy grabbing the​ spotlight with their new look.

Internet shopping has taken the​ concept of​ dressing our dogs to​ new levels as​ websites offering all manner of​ “designer” dog clothing have popped up everywhere. With names like Glamour Dog,​ Designer Dog Wear,​ and Paw Printz Boutique (dot com,​ of​ course),​ these sites offer the​ tops in​ canine fashion for proud owners to​ place on​ their pups.

Years ago,​ it​ was not uncommon to​ see a​ dog in​ a​ knit sweater or​ some other cute clothing article,​ but today there are nearly as​ many clothing choices for dogs as​ there are for people. There are dresses and slacks,​ raincoats,​ eyewear,​ headwear,​ footwear,​ and every imaginable item. There is​ doggie casual wear,​ for hanging around on​ the​ beach,​ doggie formal wear for those special black tie occasions and even doggie wedding gowns and tuxedos for the​ wedding of​ a​ doggie’s dreams!

In many cases,​ the​ doggie designer clothing comes complete with a​ doggie designer price tag. Dog dresses at​ Glamour Dog dot com,​ for example,​ are listed with prices that run from $40.00 for a​ basic Mary Jane dress to​ $86.00 for prom wear! Some of​ these dog clothes cost more than many people spend to​ dress themselves. Nothing is​ too good for our “best friend!”

Some personal favorites include the​ doggie trench coat ($70.00),​ the​ various college football jerseys ($25.00),​ and the​ 100% cotton doggie bathrobe – perfect for the​ pooch who wants to​ emulate Hugh Heffner.

High end Doggie Duds can be traced to​ celebrities like Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell and Anna Nicole Smith’s Sugar Pie. Both are rarely seen in​ public with out some form of​ clothing. the​ PR these pups bring to​ the​ industry can do nothing but make the​ business boom even further.

So,​ if​ you’re in​ the​ market for dog clothes that will turn heads and get your pooch noticed,​ designer doggie duds may be just what the​ fashion critic ordered. Just be sure not to​ combine designer labels or​ adorn your dog in​ designs that clash. After all,​ what could be more gauche?

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