Designer Accessories Buying Guide

Designer Accessories Buying Guide

Home décor accessories can help you personalize a​ space in​ line with your individual taste/s. For all the hard work you plan to​ undertake, the outcome is​ a​ well-deserved reward for your time and planning. You get to​ fashion a​ room and space that means home to​ you. You can shape up reflections of​ your ideas and add your personal art and colors in​ a​ manner that appeal to​ you.

This guide aims to​ highlight the finer aspects of​ home décor to​ help you decide on the starting points o f a​ space and where to​ look for the special effects,

Some popular home décor accessories include,

Area Rugs : You can break any neutral theme of​ color with rugs, and they also make an​ interesting focal point in​ any space. Get a​ realistic picture of​ the foot traffic before you decide on a​ type of​ rug. Also, measure the area you wish to​ cover; you can also use rugs to​ divide a​ space. For instance, you can have rugs in​ your living area, smaller dimensions for coffee area, and bigger ones to​ cover rest of​ the space. The theme can be complimentary, as​ also contrasting to​ add a​ punch. Normally, designer décor accessories are accents to​ your overall room and should be used carefully in​ line with the color scheme of​ a​ room. The accent colors should be repeated at​ least thrice in​ the room to​ balance and highlight. The time you have on hands will help you decide on the time you can devote for maintenance of​ a​ rug. So get a​ real picture. Following are a​ few popular rug types.

Manmade fibers: as​ against natural fibers, synthetic ones such as​ acrylic, polypropylene, olefin, and nylon can be used in​ heavy foot traffic zones as​ they are easy to​ clean and are relatively cheaper.

Wool rugs: You get woolen rugs in​ different patterns, colors and prices. They are more expensive and handmade rugs and carpets are one of​ the most popular home décor accessories to​ add a​ desired touch of​ class and sophistication to​ any room. The quality depends on the wool used and per sq. inch knots that determine the finesse. You also get machine made rugs in​ modern patterns that is​ comparatively cheap. Almost all good quality rugs come with a​ care manual.

Cotton rugs: Light and easy to​ clean, cotton rugs or​ durries are popular for its combination of​ motifs and warm color tones. They are easy to​ maintain and can be washed with ease, though not as​ durable as​ woolen or​ synthetic rugs.

Jute rugs: an​ aesthetic fiber, jute rugs look natural and appealing in​ most spaces. They are not easy to​ maintain and may fade over a​ period of​ time, the fiber is​ weak and needs to​ be protected from long exposure to​ moisture.

Sisal rugs: Another popular choice, sisal rugs are comparatively durable than jute rugs. Most ideal for high-traffic areas in​ the home like the living room, entrance lobbies etc.

Fireplace Accessories: Candles and Candle Holders

A creative décor accessory, candles can warm up a​ room tastefully. Above the fireplace, as​ also on the mantel and side table, you can add different shapes and lengths of​ candles arranged in​ different holders to​ add an​ artistic accent to​ the living room. Fireplaces become the focal point for most homes and you can highlight the area with a​ variety of​ accessories like picture frames, candles, family memoirs. Scented candles also do wonders to​ any room and help you relax. You get candle holders in​ different material and interesting shapes, right from classy silver candle stands for formal look, to​ glass, crystal, wood and brass stands that look warm and inviting.

There is​ a​ wide variety of​ accessories to​ brighten up your fireplace, try this link to​ explore designer pieces at​ affordable prices.

Picture frames : You can add drama to​ any wall and room with carefully framed pictures. Change the feel of​ a​ place from formal, warm to​ casual and friendly with a​ frame. Usually, gold frames bestow a​ room with a​ formal appeal and sophistication. For rustic feel that goes with the theme in​ cottages and country homes, you can use wooden frames that look unfinished. For a​ modern touch, you can use lacquered frames in​ bold colors that compliment a​ room theme. Pictures can add a​ personal and artistic element to​ a​ wall, mantel, or​ table. You can frame your art work, and also display a​ collage of​ art for larger wall space. it​ is​ important to​ hang or​ arrange a​ frame at​ an​ average eye level.

Vases and Bowls : This is​ one of​ the most common décor items and carries great power to​ transform the way a​ room looks if​ you choose the right color, size and shape for a​ space. to​ break the monotony, and to​ add a​ resting eye place, vases should be refreshing, complimenting the overall décor theme. Easily used to​ break a​ neutral color scheme, you can get bold with a​ contrast, or​ get even with a​ complimenting color and shape. Ceramic, crystal, metal and even glass vases and bowls can spice up a​ décor like few things.

Clocks : Clocks are not just the routine thing for homes. Apart from the olden value of​ grandfather clocks, you can dictate your personal style with these timeless classics. Get creative and hang clocks in​ dining areas, kitchen and lobbies to​ add a​ personal statement to​ any space. Now you get clocks in​ every imaginable styles and a​ wide array of​ contemporary designs. Then there are hand-painted clocks with intricate woodwork, and offer a​ great combination of​ style and sophistication.

To explore a​ variety of​ designer clocks, you can visit this link.

Lights : Well, one of​ the most dramatic home décor accessory, you can play with lights to​ lift up or​ fashion moods from the scratch. Lights can be used to​ create a​ desired ambience throughout the home.

Floor lamps: Use floor lamps in​ different shapes and sizes to​ enhance the aesthetics of​ a​ room.

Table lamps: Use table lamps to​ light your living room, study area, bedrooms, dining room, and family room and entrance lobby.

Desk lamps: Desk lamps are typically 12 inches to​ 20 inches high and are used to​ light a​ specific work area.

You can also check out great décor accessories for home and offices by Vitra at​ their website.

Pillows : Bed pillows or​ throw pillows make an​ important furnishing item. a​ throw pillow in​ complimenting shades or​ combination of​ shades can allow an​ interesting focal point in​ a​ room. For regular bed pillows, you get a​ wide variety of​ bed pillows that allow your groggy head to​ get a​ restful sleep every night. it​ is​ worthwhile to​ invest in​ a​ good pillow, some general guidelines for buying lasting pillows,

a) as​ a​ general rule, you should try to​ replace a​ pillow every six month to​ two years

b) The life of​ a​ pillow depends on the material it​ uses. Check with the manufacturer to​ know about the quality and normal life span of​ the pillow.

c) You can test a​ pillow to​ see if​ it​ is​ in​ shape,

Place the pillow on a​ flat surface by folding it​ in​ half. Put a​ shoe on the top. if​ the shoe bounces away and the pillow regains its original shape, your pillow is​ in​ good shape. if​ the shoe stays, it​ probably has lived its life and it’s time to​ change.

Before you buy, do not forget to,

• Inquire about the material used for the filling. if​ it​ is​ a​ down pillow, you can be assured of​ its softness and warmth.
• Buckwheat hulls is​ another natural filling that is​ considered resistant to​ breakage and weathering.
• Memory foam pillows also known as​ contour pillows are great too. Made by mixing different chemicals, they are resilient and provide complete support to​ the neck and head for a​ restful sleep.
• Hypoallergenic pillows are made with materials that minimize the possibility of​ allergic reactions.
• Body pillows are long ones designed to​ reach your feet from head.

Designer Accessories Buying Guide

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