Descriptive Terms In Real Estate Ads More Definitions

Descriptive Terms In Real Estate Ads More Definitions

Descriptive Terms in​ Real Estate Ads - More Definitions
If you are buying or​ selling a​ home, the​ chances are good you struggle with the​ meaning of​ descriptive real estate terms .​
Here are explanations and​ definitions for​ more terms .​
Shed Dormers
These are often seen in​ Dutch colonial style houses and​ are flat roofed dormers .​
Sometimes these dormers are single windows, but often they are two or​ three windows side by side with one flat roof .​
Blind Dormer Window
Sometimes builders construct fake dormer windows to​ add architectural interest to​ new houses .​
They are at​ attic level but can’t be seen from the​ attic because the​ roof of​ the​ house covers access to​ them .​
Oversize Garage
Ads often say how many cars a​ garage will hold .​
Then they add the​ word oversize as​ in​ oversize 2-car garage .​
What is​ usually meant is​ that there is​ room for​ storage, or​ a​ work bench in​ addition to​ space for​ the​ cars .​
Occasionally it​ simply means you can open a​ car door wide enough to​ actually get out with both cars in​ the​ garage!
Gourmet Kitchen
This phrase is​ intended to​ convey the​ idea that a​ very good cook can happily work here .​
That may or​ may not be the​ case, but it​ does usually mean that the​ kitchen is​ fairly large and​ attractive .​
Great Room
I’ve seen this used in​ two distinctly different ways .​
The first is​ to​ describe a​ living room, dining room, and​ kitchen in​ a​ very open floor plan .​
The area typically has a​ high ceiling .​
The second way I’ve seen it​ used is​ when what we’d normally call a​ family room has a​ high, often coffered, ceiling, a​ fireplace with a​ dramatically massive mantle, and​ perhaps an​ upstairs balcony overlooking it .​
I​ think this may stem from the​ idea of​ a​ great hall in​ old English houses .​
If you can get the​ verbiage down, you’ll be way ahead in​ the​ real estate game .​
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