Descriptive Terms In Real Estate Ads Even More Definitions

Descriptive Terms in​ Real Estate Ads - Even More Definitions
If you are buying or​ selling a​ home, the​ chances are good you struggle with the​ meaning of​ descriptive real estate terms .​
Here are explanations and​ definitions for​ more terms .​
Living Room & Family Room
When a​ home has both a​ living room and​ a​ family room, we know which is​ which .​
It used to​ be that when an​ ad mentioned a​ family room, we could assume it​ also had a​ living room .​
Now some builders are building houses with something akin to​ the​ first use of​ Great Room above and​ calling it​ the​ Family Room on the​ floor plan .​
Thus houses and​ their terminology seem to​ be evolving .​
I​ suppose in​ the​ new builder speak we should just think of​ the​ room as​ an​ informal family living room .​
Patio & Terrace
Both are outdoor living areas paved with something like slate or​ brick .​
a​ patio is​ level with the​ ground around it .​
a​ terrace has adjoining areas of​ ground which are higher, or​ lower, or​ perhaps both .​
Solarium, Sun Room, Florida Room
These terms are used to​ describe rooms with lots of​ windows (often on three sides) .​
Many times these areas also have skylights .​
The choice of​ what to​ call them seems purely personal .​
They tend to​ be charming, bright, sunny places in​ which to​ over winter plants and​ sit in​ the​ garden in​ chilly or​ downright cold weather .​
Jack and​ Jill Bath
A bathroom with two doors into it .​
It is​ frequently situated between two bedrooms with doors to​ each .​
Sometimes the​ doors are into a​ bedroom and​ into a​ hallway .​
Waterfront vs .​
Water View
Waterfront property actually has a​ common boundary with (frontage on) the​ water .​
Sometimes the​ property line actually goes into the​ water .​
Water view just means water can be seen from the​ property .​
Sometimes there is​ a​ beautiful view .​
Sometimes it​ means the​ water can be seen from one upstairs window when the​ leaves are off the​ trees! Also, many times a​ new structure might block the​ view at​ some time in​ the​ future unless there is​ a​ protective covenant or​ something to​ prevent it .​
If you can get the​ verbiage down, you’ll be way ahead in​ the​ real estate game .​
Look for​ future articles on this subject or​ visit our site to​ read more terms.

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