Dental Drill Repair Franchises The Ideal Work From Home Opportunity

Dental Drill Repair Franchises - The Ideal Work From Home opportunity
If you are looking for a​ home-based business then you should consider a​ dental drill repair franchise .​
a​ franchise will give you more chance of​ success, though there is​ an​ upfront cost to​ be borne .​
This will pay for your training in​ the business, including how to​ handle the financial side of​ things.
Dental drill repairs are necessary because of​ wear and tear in​ the bearings caused by use as​ well as​ by the essential heat sterilization of​ the hand piece recommended by FDA and other national bodies.
The hand-piece is​ the part that contains the moving parts, so this is​ the most commonly serviced item .​
Hand-pieces can be returned to​ manufacturers or​ repaired by third party contractors at​ a​ lower cost.
Dentists have to​ heat sterilize their hand-pieces between patients, so have between 8 and 12 hand-pieces each .​
Each hand-piece needs servicing several times a​ year .​
The manufacturers' prices for this service are very high .​
This means that there is​ an​ opening for third party repair businesses.
Dental drill repair home businesses, including franchise opportunities are exploding .​
The work involved is​ very simple .​
All you need is​ a​ large, clean table or​ desk, preferably in​ a​ room you can set aside just for the business, because the pieces are small and you cannot be working surrounded by computers, books and papers.
Dental hand-pieces are powered by air turbine motors .​
Rebuilding these hand-pieces consists of​ taking them completely apart, replacing tiny ball bearings, O-rings, etc .​
and putting them back together again .​
Anyone who has replaced screws in​ spectacles has the dexterity required to​ do this.
There are other business opportunities in​ this field that are even more simple .​
You can simply collect the parts from dentists, post them away, then delivering the repaired parts back to​ the dentist with an​ invoice.

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