Dental Discount Plans Vs Dental Insurance

Dental Discount Plans Vs Dental Insurance

Dental Discount Plans vs Dental Insurance
A dental discount plan may be an attractive and affordable alternative to​ dental insurance. Some people who already have dental insurance find that they save even more by adding a​ dental discount plan too. They are usually very affordable,​ do not have waiting periods,​ and often cover many procedures like cosmetic and orthodontics that traditional dental insurance will not cover!
Traditional dental insurance has some drawbacks. With expensive premiums,​ high deductibles,​ and low yearly maximums,​ it​ may be hard to​ see how a​ dental insurance plan saves much money at​ all. Many dental insurance plans will offer generous coverage on​ routine care like checkups,​ cleanings,​ and simple xrays. However those services are usually fairly inexpensive anyway.
When a​ family needs more coverage,​ they may find that their out of​ pocket costs surprise them. Complex fillings and crowns usually still require large copayments,​ and many dental insurance companies do not even cover orthodontics,​ cosmetic work,​ or​ dentures at​ all!
Some of​ the​ problems with many Dental Insurance Plans include
Limitations,​ deductibles and annual maximums
Waiting periods for major dental procedures
Tedious and timeconsuming written claims process
Limitations/exclusions on​ preexisting conditions
Certain dental specialties,​ such as​ cosmetic dentistry,​ are rarely covered
Consumers pay expensive monthly premiums for defined coverage
Typically inaccessible to​ individuals and families unless provided by their employer
Some of​ the​ characteristics of​ Discount Dental Plans include
No annual limits,​ members enjoy discounts on​ most dental services all year long
Most plans activate right away,​ within 1 to​ 3 business days,​ and have no waiting periods!
No tiresome paperwork hassles,​ plan membership card is​ presented for discounts on​ most dental services
No health restrictions and no age restrictions.
Select plans include discounts on​ dental specialties,​ including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics
Consumers pay affordable membership fees for access to​ a​ network of​ providers offering discounts on​ most dental procedures
Available directly to​ individuals,​ families,​ businesses and groups
Many families who have dental insurance at​ work find that they have more flexibility,​ and save more money by adding a​ dental discount plan! This is​ because the​ discount dental plan may cover services that dental insurance does not cover. the​ dental discount plans use a​ huge network of​ US dentists,​ and so some families find it​ easier to​ find a​ nearby dental provider too.
Dental plans make it​ easy to​ find dentists! They have simple online searches,​ by zip code or​ dentist name. you​ can find out if​ your current dentist accepts the​ plan or​ find a​ new dentist in​ your area.
Many families who do not have dental insurance at​ work will put off routine dental care because they are concerned about the​ cost. However,​ this is​ never a​ good idea. if​ a​ person neglects regular checkups and cleanings,​ worse problems will develop in​ the​ future. Many discount dental plans even offer free,​ or​ very inexpensive,​ routine care like checkups,​ cleanings,​ and xrays.
Some dental plans also offer other medical discounts. They arrange special deals with vision care providers,​ pharmacies,​ vitamin stores,​ and other outlets for health needs. With dental plans costing a​ few dollars a​ month,​ most will do more than pay for themselves!

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