Delta Dental Insurance 101

Delta Dental Insurance 101

Delta Dental Insurance 101
Delta Dental Plans Association,​ more commonly known as​ Delta Dental,​ is​ one of​ the​ best known dental insurers in​ the​ United States. Delta is​ a​ notforprofit association that offers dental plans of​ all types for companies across the​ U. S. Their 39 member companies administer dental benefit plans whose main focus is​ providing and improving access to​ dental care for all. Today,​ Delta Dental associates provide dental coverage to​ over 46 million people through over 80,​000 employers and agencies.
Delta Dental insurance offers three major plan types to​ suit a​ wide range of​ needs. the​ benefits vary by plan,​ and costs vary by region and employer.
Delta Dental Premier formerly DeltaPremierUSA
Delta Dental Premier is​ a​ traditional feeforservice insurance plan. if​ you​ have Delta Dental Premier,​ you​ can visit the​ dentist of​ your choice within or​ outside their provider network. the​ dentist bills Delta Dental directly,​ and Delta Dental pays their portion of​ the​ bill most often a​ set dollar amount,​ then sends you​ an explanation of​ your portion of​ the​ bill,​ which you​ pay to​ the​ dentist.
Ex. Delta Dental pays $45 for a​ filling. Your dentist charges $60 for a​ filling. you​ pay the​ dentist $15.
Delta Dental PPO Preferred Provider Option
Like the​ Premier plan,​ Delta Dental PPO pays a​ fee for each service. you​ may also visit any dentist that you​ choose,​ but will pay lower fees to​ dentists who are part of​ Delta’s Preferred Provider network. the​ dentist handles all the​ paperwork and claim forms. Delta generally pays a​ percentage of​ the​ procedure rather than a​ set dollar amount.
Ex. Delta Dental pays 70% of​ the​ fee for an extraction. Your dentist charges $210 for an extraction. you​ pay the​ dentist $63.
DeltaCare HMO
DeltaCare focuses on​ prevention and maintenance of​ your dental health. When you​ enroll in​ DeltaCare,​ you​ choose a​ primary care dentist who will be responsible for your dental care. if​ you​ require specialty services orthodontics or​ oral surgery,​ for example your primary care dentist must refer you​ for services. you​ pay a​ low or​ no copayment for any dental services provided.
Ex. Depending on​ the​ plan,​ you​ may pay a​ $10 copayment for office visits,​ no matter what the​ procedure.
The cost and availability of​ each option is​ dependent on​ the​ company through which you​ enroll. as​ the​ nation’s largest provider of​ dental insurance,​ the​ costs are significantly lower than most other plans.

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