Deloitte Record Financial Performance In 2018

Deloitte Record Financial Performance in​ 2018
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu reported that aggregate member firm revenues increased to​ US$23.1 billion which recorded a​ growth of​ 15.5 percent in​ U.S.dollars and 12.6 percent in​ local currencies .​
This marks Deloitte's fifth consecutive year of​ member firm double-digit revenue growth from ongoing operations .​
The revenues of​ Deloitte were found in​ the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Worldwide Member Firms 2018 Review, Milestones on the Journey, released in​ Cape Town, South Africa.
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Quigley, global CEO Deloitte said that they are really happy with their performance which reveals their commitment to​ customer service excellence .​
He further said, The results validate Deloitte's strategy to​ offer the breadth of​ services and deep competencies to​ assist our clients' with their increasingly complex issues-a range of​ capabilities unmatched by our competitors .​
Financial advisory services augmented by 25.2 percent to​ US$1.89 billion, consulting services increased 16.5 percent to​ US$5.19 billion, tax services grew 16.5 percent to​ US$4.98 billion and audit services grew by 13.1 percent to​ US$11.08 billion .​
The Americas region grew by 11.9 percent to​ $11.49 billion and the Europe-Mideast-Africa region grew 12.6 percent to​ US$9.18 billion .​
The Global CEO remains positive regarding the future success of​ Deloitte .​
He said that Deloitte has become much stronger than before to​ face new challenges, and help the customers overcome hardship .​
He further said that they will continue to​ invest in​ their people and new products and services .​
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Quigley emphasized recruitment and retention as​ a​ major driver for sustaining the growth of​ Deloitte .​
He said that he wants Deloitte to​ be the foremost preference of​ the talented people, whether they are graduates or​ come from any of​ the major countries such as​ China, Germany, Canada, Finland or​ New Zealand .​
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Quigley said, My goal is​ for Deloitte to​ be globally recognized for providing the challenging work environment, continuous learning opportunities and inclusive culture to​ help people achieve personal and career satisfaction.

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