Dell W3207c Hdtv Review

Dell W3207c Hdtv Review

Dell W3207C HDTV Review
The Dell W3207C is​ a​ feature packed 32 inch LCD high definition that is​ well worth its price of​ $1200 .​
It has received great scores and passed every test it​ has been put through thus far .​
The W3207C also features a​ beautiful design that will look good in​ every home.
Included in​ its design is​ both an​ NTSC and ATSC tuner for analog and digital signals .​
When all signals change to​ digital in​ the near future, you won’t have to​ worry about getting extra connectors to​ still view broadcasting channels.
When viewed under a​ steady test of​ different lighting situations, the Dell W3207C passed easily .​
Even the brightest fluorescent did not obstruct your view on screen .​
Regardless of​ the harsh lights, it​ was easy to​ see bright and beautiful colors in​ varying contrast.
The Dell W3207C features a​ color scheme of​ silver and black and this makes it​ stand out beautifully in​ a​ way that an​ all black HDTV would not be able to .​
The TV is​ lifted off the floor by a​ base that matches the two toned color and it​ the base moves and turns for easy viewing and free movement.
The remote is​ also two toned to​ match the TV and its design is​ more reminiscent of​ a​ portable media player than a​ basic remote control .​
It also has a​ central control pad that is​ similar to​ the touchpad of​ the iPod player .​
Instead of​ soft touch control, the pad moves using four different buttons .​
While the remote is​ nice to​ look at, it​ unfortunately will not allow you to​ use it​ as​ a​ universal remote for other electronics such as​ a​ DVD player.
Even with this small fault, the remote is​ structured and organized to​ prevent confusion and to​ allow ease of​ use .​
When you pull up the menu on the HDTV you will find that it​ is​ as​ easy to​ use as​ the remote controls.
Square controls on the right side of​ the TV are easy to​ reach if​ not to​ read .​
You can find it​ difficult to​ see what the label reads, but a​ quick glance at​ the instructions will soon clear up any confusion involving the controls.
The only real issue that makes itself present in​ the Dell W3207C, concerns the audio capabilities .​
As you listen to​ what is​ being played, you will notice that the sound is​ not as​ exciting as​ you hoped it​ would be .​
In fact it​ is​ down right flat but the use of​ the Surround XT can give the sound a​ small boost .​
The speakers are supposed to​ be the very same ones placed on their previous model but the sound in​ the Dell W3207C seems a​ lot more inferior .​
The sound was not as​ clear or​ crisp and adjusting the audio controls did not do much to​ improve the sound.
The only other difference between the speakers is​ that you are not able to​ detach them like you could with the previous models .​
The inability to​ place the speakers around your media room in​ key locations is​ also a​ bad feature in​ the W3207C.
For a​ good HDTV at​ a​ reasonable price, this is​ definitely a​ great option .​
The design is​ beautiful, the remote is​ easy to​ use and setup is​ a​ snap .​
Picture quality is​ exquisite and you will be able to​ enjoy anything you choose to​ watch on this flat screen TV.

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