Dell Inspiron 600m Notebook Computer

After twelve years of​ owning desktop computers,​ I finally opted for a​ laptop so I would no longer be chained to​ my desk. After months of​ research and weighing various makes and models,​ I settled on​ the​ Dell Inspiron 600m Notebook Computer. This particular model has exceeded all of​ my expectations and at​ a​ price that is​ hundreds of​ dollars lower than many competing brands.

For several months I agonized over my next computer purchase. I knew I needed to​ be more mobile and only a​ notebook computer would permit me to​ take my "show on​ the​ road." Still,​ the​ decision making process was not easy as​ the​ number of​ different makes and models out there is​ mind boggling. Ultimately,​ I settled on​ a​ Dell in​ part because of​ previous good experience with the​ company as​ well as​ affordability of​ their product line.

The model I chose was the​ Inspiron 600m. as​ with almost everything that Dell builds,​ it​ is​ a​ "new" model; at​ least the​ 600m designation is. That is​ one of​ the​ confusing things about Dell and some other manufacturers: every month Dell introduces new models and you need a​ scorecard to​ compare one model with all the​ others. Fortunately,​ Dell's website allows you to​ do just that.

Key features of​ the​ Inspiron 600m include:

Lightweight: Just over five pounds.

Mobile Centrino Technology is​ standard.

14.1 inch screen

Pentium M 725 Processor

24X CD Burner/DVD Combo Drive

256MB DDR SDRAM 1 Dimm Memory

Wireless Network Card

Extended Battery

Microsoft Windows XP Home Addition

WordPerfect Productivity Pack

I kept my computer fairly basic but I did opt for the​ latest version of​ Norton Security,​ a​ surge protected cable,​ a​ wirless router,​ and a​ wireless mouse. I selected the​ wireless mouse as​ I thought the​ keyboard's mouse would be difficult to​ use. After two days I quit using the​ wireless mouse as​ I quickly got used to​ the​ built in​ one.

The screen is​ bright and the​ keyboard is​ solid. the​ mouse keys,​ however are noisy,​ almost clunky; you wonder if​ Dell could have used a​ quieter spring for each key.

The battery lasts at​ least four hours without recharging and when I do need to​ recharge I can go from nearly dead to​ fully charged in​ less than one hour.

For the​ price -- I paid just over $1100. for everything including shipping and local taxes -- the​ Dell cannot be beat. I haven't had to​ call customer service yet,​ so I cannot comment on​ that although in​ years past your call would be routed to​ a​ technician in​ India. This model comes with a​ standard one year limited warranty; I avoided a​ later sales pitch over the​ phone to​ get a​ three year warranty. Their top of​ the​ line warranty sends a​ technician to​ your house to​ fix your computer,​ so it​ can be option for those of​ you who do not want to​ ship -- and thereby lose the​ use of​ -- your computer back to​ Dell for repairs.

You will find the​ Inspiron 600m to​ be adequate for standard business work. Check out their myriad of​ other models if​ you do plenty of​ graphic design or​ if​ you need a​ larger screen. I am happy with the​ 14.1 screen,​ but you may prefer their 17" model.

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