Delight Your Dog With A Natural Dog Treat

As dog owners become more aware of​ their pet's nutritional needs,​ they increasingly recognize the​ advantage of​ providing their pets with natural dog treats.

Natural dog treats contain no added chemical preservatives or​ fillers,​ leaving your dog with straight nutritional value,​ nothing more. Natural treats also use the​ highest grade of​ edible products and processing techniques to​ ensure they’re even fit for human consumption – which who knows,​ might help if​ you​ ever get stuck in​ a​ survival situation with your dog! Let's examine a​ few commercially-available natural dog treats,​ and then a​ few treats you​ might stumble across in​ your own back yard.

Commercial Natural Dog Treats

As odd as​ they sound on​ first blush,​ pig ears are a​ natural favorite for many of​ our furry friends. They contain a​ reasonable amount of​ fat,​ and dogs find the​ flavor irresistible (much like some humans and pork rinds). Pig ear treats should be baked instead of​ chemically processed,​ and should have no added preservatives or​ coloring agents. Check your package label carefully.

Greenies are another favorite dog treat -- a​ unique variety that uses chlorophyll to​ naturally freshen your dog's breath. Greenies contain no preservatives,​ artificial flavors or​ extra coloring. Surprisingly enough,​ dogs love them,​ and owners swear by them when it​ comes to​ sweetening the​ breath in​ a​ safe and healthy way. Chewing these treats has the​ added benefit of​ helping to​ clean your dog's teeth.

Mother Nature's Own Natural Dog Treats

You might be surprised to​ realize that natural dog treats exist right in​ your refrigerator,​ or​ in​ your garden. Carrots,​ apple slices,​ and celery are all terrific natural dog treats,​ providing vitamins without added chemical enhancers. Just give these treats a​ wash before giving them to​ your dogs. For an​ extra-special treat,​ chop up your fruits or​ veggies,​ and mix with a​ dab of​ peanut butter and a​ teaspoon or​ two of​ raw oatmeal.

Whether commercially manufactured or​ straight from the​ garden,​ natural dog treats are a​ great way to​ give your dogs a​ dash of​ extra nutrition without any mysterious extras.

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