Delaware Excellent Ocean Viewing Opportunities

Delaware Excellent Ocean Viewing Opportunities

Delaware was the first state to​ be recognized in​ the United States. Today Delaware is​ primarily known for their attractive small cities and towns with friendly individuals and a​ peaceful attraction. The capital of​ Delaware is​ Dover which features the historic square known simply as​ the Green. When you go here you can see a​ number of​ the homes that were built in​ the eighteenth century with many of​ them still being in​ original condition. Within walking distance of​ this square there is​ the Johnson Victrola Museum with an​ excellent collection of​ phonographs and the Biggs Museum of​ American Art which has art going back two hundred years for display.

The other main city in​ Delaware is​ Wilmington which was originally started by the Quakers as​ a​ shopping and market center. Today Wilmington has a​ very historical importance where there are many wonderful museums including the Hagley Museum which is​ based out of​ a​ mansion originally built in​ the eighteen hundreds. in​ addition Wilmington offers the Brandywine Zoo for those who prefer animal attractions.

In Delaware there are many quaint B&Bs to​ choose from when you are traveling. However, the top two are the Hotel du Pont and the Inn at​ Montchanin Village. The Hotel du Pont in​ Wilmington features luxury surroundings, excellent amenities and some of​ the best restaurants you can find in​ Wilmington. The other option is​ the Inn at​ Montchanin Village which is​ located in​ Montchanin, Delaware. The inn is​ actually made up of​ a​ cluster of​ buildings that used to​ be homes for the workers in​ the DuPont powder mills. Now remodeled, these buildings acts as​ guest rooms and suites with beautiful gardens all around the property.

However, you can never travel to​ Delaware without enjoying the excellent views of​ the ocean. One excellent place to​ visit is​ the Eye of​ Water which is​ located in​ Brandywine Valley, Delaware which is​ actually very close to​ Wilmington. This features the Longwood Garden which has circulating water for a​ fifty foot waterfall. The place actually sits on top of​ over ninety thousand gallons of​ water, but you never know it​ when you stand inside the pavilion.

Another excellent option is​ the Delaware Coast Watchtowers. Not only can you have an​ excellent view of​ the ocean but you will also get to​ enjoy a​ bit of​ history as​ well. This site features several tall towers that once acted as​ sentry towers during World War II. Soldiers would man these towers for twenty-four hours a​ day to​ keep a​ lookout for any German ships and submarines. The towers still remain and offer an​ excellent chance to​ learn a​ little history while driving along the scenic coast of​ Delaware and enjoying the beautiful ocean scenes.

Delaware Excellent Ocean Viewing Opportunities

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