Deep Drugged Like Sleep In 30 Seconds

Now, the Secret to​ Deep Drugged-like Sleep in​ Less Time it​ Takes to​ Read This Article!

Tense? Suffering incurable insomnia that a​ mound of​ Melatonin can’t cure? I used to​ share your pain, you see, Im an​ obsessive compulsive. Thoughts ricochet my head even even past midnight. Now, as​ you are well aware, such internal noise pollution can do more damage to​ a​ good night's rest than a​ physical jackhammer pounding away from outside.

You can't even call the cops to​ take away the perpetarors of​ internal noise pollution!

Now the good news....

I found the solution!

Finally, I vanquish that Red-Eyed demon with an​ unstoppable 4-step approach that guarantees sleep- in​ 30 seconds. I did it, and so can you.

First, RELAX YOUR BODY. Lie flat on your back. Don’t curl. Imagine you’re floating on water. Allow the heaviness and undulation to​ wash over you.

Second, RELAX YOUR FACE. Be aware of​ your forehead. Your jaws. Release the tension in​ your teeth and lips. Allow them to​ touch.

Third, RELAX YOUR EYES. Lightly ease your eyes shut and have a​ sense of​ peace cascade over your eyelids. Float on a​ blank, unemotional sense of​ total detachment. And now the vital part….

Third, and most critically- BLANK OUT ALL MENTAL PICTURES. Imagine deep space. It’s a​ voice devoid even of​ echo. Fill your mind with that void. Wash your mental screen with pure unadulterated blackness.

Et voila! Followed those steps to​ the letter and you’d be snoring off in​ 30 seconds- far less time it​ would have taken you to​ read this article.

Here's the rationale: Sleep is​ governed by your brain. Your mind flicks the last switch that powers you down. You can be so tired, but if​ the brain says, "no go"... then the body remains chugging.

Shut down your brain and you shut down your body.In just thirty seconds.

For me, sleep is​ critical. Sleep refreshes the mind and recharges the body. Without revitalization, you cannot achieve all the you desire to​ succeed at.

Treat yourself to​ quality sleep- and your waking hours with be fraught with success and productivity!

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