Dedicated Server Web Host

Dedicated Server Web Host

Dedicated Server Web Host
What is​ a​ dedicated server? a​ dedicated server is​ a​ web host that only serves your website .​
Unlike a​ shared server, a​ dedicated server is​ entirely your own .​
Although the​ equipment for​ the​ server is​ usually leased from the​ provider, the​ dedicated server is​ entirely yours .​
It serves only your website.
This means that all of​ the​ space and​ bandwidth afforded by the​ dedicated server belong to​ you .​
You are hosting your own website .​
You can use all of​ the​ space and​ bandwidth on your dedicated server for​ your one website, or​ create affiliate websites that can generate ads and​ revenue to​ your product or​ service website.
There are two ways to​ make money on the​ internet .​
You can either sell products or​ service to​ individuals or​ businesses, or​ you can make money off of​ ads and​ affiliates .​
You can also combine these to​ do both.
Suppose, for​ example, you have a​ website that sells curtains .​
You have a​ fine site where customers can shop for​ many different styles of​ curtains .​
When they have chosen what they want, they can put it​ in​ the​ shopping cart and​ check out .​
This may work well for​ you .​

Perhaps you would like to​ make more money with your curtains .​
Maybe you would like to​ have more customers and​ sell more curtains .​
But you are using as​ much space as​ you can on your shared server and​ it​ cannot handle a​ lot more traffic .​
You choose to​ spend extra money to​ get a​ dedicated server.
Now that you have a​ dedicated server, you have a​ lot more space .​
Although you may be content with your curtains website the​ way it​ is, you do have unused space on your dedicated server .​
How can you get that to​ work for​ you?
One way to​ do this is​ to​ create little websites that have the​ sole purpose of​ generating revenue and​ directing people to​ your website .​
You can do the​ history of​ curtains for​ one, and​ write about home improvements in​ window treatments for​ another and​ so on .​
Get some cheap content loaded with keywords that will drive traffic to​ your site .​
You can advertise on your own sites for​ free and​ also use links that customers can click on that will bring them to​ your curtain site.
In addition, you can have as​ many ads as​ you want on your little sites .​
You can even sell affiliate products .​
if​ your business is​ curtains, affiliate products can be other home improvement products or​ soft domestic goods, such as​ pillows or​ bedspreads .​

With your own web host, there is​ no limit to​ how much money you can make on the​ internet .​
While you may have started out just wanting to​ sell curtains, you can generate revenue in​ many other different ways .​
This can end up paying for​ your web hosting while driving more traffic to​ your business.
Think outside the​ box, if​ you have an​ internet business website, and​ think of​ ways that you can generate more revenue by incorporating ads and​ affiliate products into your websites by using a​ dedicated server as​ a​ web site host.

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