Dedicated Or Shared Web Hosting

Dedicated Or Shared Web Hosting

To have a​ website, you have to​ have a​ host. the​ 2 principal options available for​ web hosting are shared and​ dedicated packages.

A website that uses dedicated hosting has the​ server all to​ itself, while a​ shared host is​ split amongst multiple customers. This article will help you choose the​ 1 that will work best for​ your website.

Websites are stored on servers, which are simply computers that been set up to​ respond to​ data requests from the​ internet. Each server has an​ individual Internet Protocol (IP) address -- 4 numbers separated by dots such as​ 123.456.78.9.

Dedicated Hosting

With a​ dedicated server, all the​ resources of​ the​ server, as​ well as​ the​ IP address, are unique to​ that website and​ are yours to​ use as​ you want. it​ can be used to​ host just 1 site or​ many. You have access to​ the​ entire bandwidth of​ the​ server, and​ you can use as​ much disk space as​ needed.

Companies with large complex websites that receive a​ lot of​ traffic really need a​ dedicated host. Sites with a​ dedicated server are also able to​ run any kind of​ script they choose. This is​ especially important for​ businesses that are developing new scripts and​ need to​ test them without affecting other websites.

Shared Hosting

Websites sharing a​ single server are sharing all the​ resources of​ that computer. Shared hosting places several websites on the​ same server, all sharing the​ same disk space, bandwidth, and​ IP address. the​ host will limit each site to​ a​ specified amount of​ disk space and​ bandwidth to​ be used per month, in​ order to​ provide sufficient service to​ all the​ shared sites. Sites that exceed their limit may be charged a​ substantial penalty or​ even temporarily closed down.

The number of​ sites being shared by a​ particular server is​ not as​ important as​ the​ amount of​ traffic each is​ receiving. a​ server hosting 200 low traffic sites will respond much faster than 1 with 50 sites receiving lots of​ visitors.

Arriving requests are dealt with on a​ first-in-first-out sequence. if​ there is​ a​ large queue, there will be a​ long wait as​ each server has a​ limited amount of​ bandwidth. the​ amount of​ traffic your neighbors receive can quickly impact how well your web site is​ displayed.

Because the​ cost of​ operating the​ server is​ divided amongst many customers, shared hosting is​ a​ lot cheaper than dedicated. It's available for​ as​ little as​ $2 a​ month, while dedicated hosting can run over $100 each month.

There are risks associated with shared hosting. if​ 1 of​ the​ neighbors runs a​ programmed script that goes bad, the​ entire server could be affected. in​ extreme situations this could shut your site down for​ a​ while. if​ a​ neighbor is​ banned from search engines for​ spamming tactics, that could also affect everyone sharing that IP address. It's a​ good idea to​ check with hosting companies first, to​ see what their policy is​ about third-party scripts and​ inappropriate activities.

How to​ Decide Between the​ 2 Options

Large complicated websites that expect to​ receive 1,000 or​ more visitors a​ day should opt for​ dedicated hosting. It's also a​ good choice for​ developers who expect to​ research and​ test new internet technologies.

Small companies and​ individuals with small sites are probably better off with shared hosting. the​ cost is​ certainly more reasonable. Just be sure to​ choose a​ host with a​ good reputation who will protect your site from others that could put your site at​ risk.

Dedicated Or Shared Web Hosting

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