Decorate Your Kitchen On A Budget

Decorate Your Kitchen On A Budget

Are you bored with your kitchen? You don't need to​ spend thousands of​ dollars to​ give it​ a​ little face lift. Just follow these tips and you'll make big changes on a​ little budget.

Need a​ colorful window treatment? Simply purchase an​ inexpensive basswood shade and paint it​ in​ a​ bright color. You can use a​ partially dry brush and paint randomly for an​ aged look.

Paint your walls a​ bright, sunny yellow and randomly paint over a​ few areas with a​ deeper yellow, a​ dark peach, and terra cotta. Mix the paints with a​ glazing liquid and wipe each coat with a​ wet cloth before the paint dries.

Paint your old cabinets with a​ few layers of​ paint using a​ dry brush. You can purchase pin stripe tape for automobiles and apply it​ just under the molding for an​ attractive accent.

Using a​ fabric panel with hook-and-loop fastening tape to​ create skirting around your under-counter areas. You can cover aging appliances such as​ dishwashers and worn cabinets with a​ colorful new curtain that hangs from underneath the edge of​ your counter tops.

Use your mismatched dishes and cups to​ decorate a​ stylish shelf hanging on your kitchen wall. Brightly colored dishes and hanging teacups make cute decorations.

Use your treasured family photos to​ decorate a​ shelf or​ nooks. You can use cheap picture frames and a​ cute shelf as​ an​ expression of​ your home and your life.

If your counter tops are not what they once were, remove the old surface and replace it​ with colorful, mismatched tiles you can purchase for next to​ nothing at​ a​ discount home store. if​ your counter tops are uneven, use a​ piece of​ plywood to​ even out the surface before you put down the tiles.

If your refrigerator has seen its better days, have a​ local supplier cut chalkboard to​ fit the front and glue it​ directly to​ the surface of​ your refrigerator. Use pine boards to​ make a​ border and you will have your own personal note center right on your refrigerator.

Decorating your kitchen need not be expensive. With a​ little imagination and a​ little work you can turn even the most boring kitchen into a​ work of​ art. Colorful curtains and paint will make a​ huge difference in​ any kitchen. No matter how small or​ dark the space may be.

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