Deciding On A New ERP Solution Choosing Working With The Right Microsoft Partner

Deciding On A New ERP Solution Choosing Working With The Right Microsoft Partner

Deciding On a​ New ERP Solution? Choosing Working With the​ Right Microsoft Partner Could Make the​ Difference In Your Systems Success.
Whatever the​ nature or​ size of​ your business, your success with a​ new accounting solution depends entirely upon the​ skills, talent and​ commitment of​ the​ Microsoft Certified Partner that you choose to​ implement your new solution .​
Without the​ right Partner your business may never realize the​ full potential that a​ new ERP solution has to​ offer or​ attain the​ critical financial return that such a​ substantial investment demands .​
the​ Partner you choose truly can take control of​ your project, harness costs, in​ turn increasing productivity and​ efficiency long-term, or​ they could become your projects worst nightmare .​
Inflating your budget and​ wreaking severe havoc on your core business processes.
The right Microsoft Certified Partner will prove invaluable as​ your new ERP solution is​ implemented, but having your solution set up correctly in​ the​ first place is​ only half the​ battle .​
Your chosen consulting firm for​ implementation should do much more than integrate and​ optimize your solution .​
They should be responsible for​ training your teams and​ providing ongoing service and​ support in​ the​ long-term .​
How well your Partner functions will impact your business every minute of​ every day long after your new accounting software solution has been put into place .​

As a​ leader within your organization you are responsible for​ your systems, your budget, and​ the​ ease of​ use for​ a​ new accounting system resulting in​ a​ seamless and​ successful implementation .​
By selecting the​ right Microsoft Certified Partner, you guarantee:
• Your business receives benefits from expert analysis and​ consultation regarding a​ new ERP Solution
• Your implementation is​ managed and​ completed by a​ team of​ specialized, seasoned professionals
• The capabilities of​ Microsoft Dynamics GP are tailored to​ your business’s unique needs.
• Your targeted Go Live date is​ met without costly downtime or​ delays
• Your implementation budget remains intact and​ you are not overcharged for​ parts of​ a​ solution, or​ services that you do not need
• Your disparate systems are managed, integrated, or​ streamlined accordingly
• Your important business data remains secure
• Each member of​ your team is​ comprehensively trained during and​ after implementation

• An ongoing relationship with a​ trusted support team is​ established and​ maintained long-term
When implemented correctly, Microsoft Dynamics GP is​ the​ premier accounting software solution for​ businesses of​ all sizes, across all industries .​
a​ top quality Certified Partner can ensure Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates all aspects of​ your business, from human resources to​ inventory management .​
Virtually every financial aspect of​ your operations can be managed by Microsoft Dynamics GP to​ the​ benefit of​ your business, and​ a​ quality Microsoft Certified Partner can help you develop and​ meet your goals.
Integrity Partners is​ the​ ideal choice for​ implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly known as​ Great Plains) in​ the​ NY, NJ and​ Tri-State Areas .​
Since the​ company’s foundation in​ 2002, Integrity Partners has managed over 200 successful Microsoft ERP implementations .​
They possess the​ knowledge and​ experience that will enable your business to​ transition to​ Microsoft Dynamics GP easily and​ efficiently .​
They are experts at​ tailoring the​ capabilities of​ Microsoft Dynamics GP to​ business’s unique needs.
The Integrity Partners team consists only of​ highly skilled, thoroughly trained, seasoned professionals .​
Other Partners may claim to​ offer a​ comparable level of​ service, but the​ Master Certified Consultants Integrity Partners has on staff guarantee world class quality .​
In addition, Integrity Partners continually strives to​ set new standards for​ customer care .​
When you contact Integrity Partners for​ support, you automatically access one of​ the​ highest ranking members of​ the​ company, from the​ owner to​ a​ consultant with no less than 9 years experience in​ the​ industry.

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