Dealing With Loose Aggressive Dogs On Walks

Dealing With Loose Aggressive Dogs On Walks

This can be quite a​ problem for some dog owners,​ what do you​ do if​ a​ loose dog comes over to​ you​ and your dog,​ the​ situation can be quite intimidating especially if​ you​ have a​ small dog and the​ one coming toward you​ is​ much larger or​ aggressive.

The reason I have written this article is​ because I was on​ a​ dog forum recently and read a​ hart wrenching post from a​ lady who held her dying dog in​ her arms after it​ was attacked in​ front of​ her by a​ loose dog that snapped it’s neck.

I do not always keep my dog on​ a​ lead but I have a​ rule I always use when I am out with her,​ if​ she is​ off the​ lead and I see another dog with it’s owner if​ that dog is​ off the​ lead I keep Brandy off hers,​ I make the​ assumption that the​ other dogs owner knows their dog is​ all right interacting with other dogs,​ however if​ the​ owner has their dog on​ a​ lead I then put Brandy on​ hers. This is​ because I feel if​ the​ owner of​ the​ other dog is​ unsure how their dog will react to​ mine I should do everything I can to​ help their dog be combatable,​ this is​ just a​ rule I use when out with Brandy.

There are times when you​ need to​ deal with dogs who’s owner is​ either not responsible or​ is​ not around in​ there situations I believe there are a​ number of​ options you​ might consider taking.

Dog with owner

If you​ come across an​ aggressive dog off its lead but with the​ owner then it​ might be worth having a​ quick word with the​ owner and suggesting he keep his dog on​ a​ lead when other dogs are around.

Aggressive dogs

If you​ are lightly to​ come across aggressive dogs on​ your walk then there are three things I would recommend you​ could carry with you​ to​ deter an​ attack.

Pepper spray

You can get dog safe pepper spray,​ this will cause the​ dog discomfort and stop the​ initial attack,​ it​ also acts as​ a​ deterrent from future attacks,​ if​ a​ dog recognises you​ as​ someone who has caused him pain he should avoid you​ in​ the​ future. I think this is​ an​ extreme measure and I would only use it​ if​ there were lightly to​ be in​ danger of​ harm to​ Brandy or​ myself.

Ultra sonic alarm

You can buy ultra sonic alarms that can be heard by dogs but not people,​ this will cause the​ dog to​ get distracted and the​ sound will not be pleasant to​ him but should cause no permanent harm.

Carry a​ stick

This is​ an​ option you​ could consider a​ walking stick waved at​ a​ dog as​ it​ starts to​ become aggressive can often deter an​ attack,​ and might stop the​ situation developing further.

Call the​ dog warden

Whatever tactic you​ decide to​ take you​ should call the​ dog warden or​ animal welfare as​ soon as​ you​ are able to,​ the​ dog might be lost and hungry or​ it​ might attack someone who is​ not as​ prepared so reporting it​ might help it​ and save someone the​ hart ache of​ loosing a​ loved pet.

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